Experience A New Journey With OPPO Reno2

BY Sara AlHumiri / Nov 20 2019 / 15:24 PM

The Reno 2 really does have a striking design, not least the Ocean Blue model —which really does shimmer in the sunlight. That back isn’t just there to look pretty, either. It’s slathered in Gorilla Glass 6, making it both incredibly tough and ridiculously smooth.

A quick look at the front of the phone will reveal there’s no notch there, and on the back, the camera sensors fit absolutely flush to the back of the phone. There is a clever little ceramic dot on the back, dubbed the O-Dot. This raises the phone slightly off surfaces, protecting the precious camera lenses from getting scratched.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Oppo Reno 2 packs an under-the-screen class-leading fingerprint scanner. It works so well, we’re surprised why none of the competition has really embraced in-display tech like this.