Watch | Introducing Egypt's First Modelling Agency

BY Elizabeth Kelly / Jul 10 2019 / 21:20 PM

Nurturing the new generation of Arab models

UNN Model Management is the first official modelling agency in Egypt, devoted to scouting, developing and placing models both locally and internationally.

Aiming to challenge existing stereotypes, break down society’s unrealistic beauty standards and celebrating self-expression, UNN was created to be a platform and community for talented, young Arab and African individuals to see an accurate representation of themselves on a global scale.

Founded in October 2018 by Egyptian international model, Iman Eldeeb, the agency strives to highlight the beauty of rawness and diversity to lift voices locally and for them toecho globally.

To celebrate equality, empowerment and freedom of expression, Iman joined forces with Kinoproby Production, to create this powerful short film to introduce her new vision to the world.

Since its conception, UNN Model Management has rapidly gained recognition amongst the fashion industry, both regionally and locally. What’s their secret to success? Recognising and realising the potential of MENA models intertwined with promoting and awakening the fashion scene in Egypt.

Press play to discover Egypt's first modelling agency.

Producer:Kino Proby
Art direction: Ola Romashova
Director of photography: Evgenij Romashov
Music:Emil Zenko
Agency: UNN Model Management