Watch | Bizarre Beauty: Screaming Meditation

BY Harper's BAZAAR Arabia / Oct 1 2019 / 10:53 AM

From chaotic breathing to total silence to freedom dancing, Screaming Meditation is the most holistically bizarre experience we've done to date. It comes highly recommended for rage relief...

As we continue to scope out the most opulent and off-piste treatments across the UAE, this next venture is a little less beauty and a lot more bizarre. We took to The Smash Room in Al Quoz, a therapeutic safe space where people have free rein to smash everything up in sight to relieve deep-seated tension. Think along the lines of TVs, DVD players, washing machines, glass objects  – anything with a shatter quality to it.

But we took it up several notches with the help and guidance from holistic therapist, Bianca Devanda, who took us on a journey through Screaming Meditation. From chaotic breathing to taking an oversized hammer and bashing the walls to freedom dancing, rage was let loose, culminating in now-found openness to take on the world.

Got a deadline coming up or just passed? We cannot recommend it enough...

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