Watch | Famous Faces: Kenza Fourati On Motherhood, Middle Eastern Designers And Her Kardashian Obsession

BY Milli Midwood / Jan 17 2019 / 17:42 PM

Press play to watch Tunisian model and founder of Osay reveal all about fashion, food and family

33-year-old model, political campaigner and French Literature graduate touches down in Dubai for a exclusive red carpet event – where she reveals she is wearing a gown from Lebanese-Italian fashion designer Tony Ward –, but not before sitting down with Bazaar to talk fashion, food and family.

From her favourite, binge-worthy guilty pleasure shows like Keeping up With the Kardashians, to the three items every woman should have in their wardrobe (spoiler alert: it, of course, includes an item of clothing from her sustainable-chic brand Osay), press play to watch Kenza Fourati answer Bazaar’s quick fire questions.


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