Watch | Hindash Shares His Thoughts on Biossance and Ole Henriksen in #IWokeUpLikeThis

BY Laura Kell / Mar 24 2020 / 21:40 PM

The celebrity makeup artist and YouTuber gives BAZAAR a sneak peek into his skincare routine

Artist, vlogger, photographer and beauty maven, Mohammed Hindash (@hindash) is a man of many talents.

His makeup brushes have graced the likes of Naomi Campbell and women across the region. The signature look he's most known for? A smokey eye paired with a silky complexion, but today we’re wiping off the makeup and focusing on the basics: skincare.

Hindash walks us through his routine beginning with a morning shower, followed by 6 steps--7 if you include a midmorning cuddle with his fluffy pup.

“Did you guys really think I was going to do a video without my little baby, Timmy?” Hindash also shared some insider tips for the next time you wake up. (Turns out there’s a de-puffing hack for eye masks.) “I keep these in the fridge so when I have them on, they’re really nice and cooling.”

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