Watch: Ashley Graham Answers The Most Hilarious Questions In Her Instagram DMs

BY Harper's BAZAAR Arabia / Mar 31 2019 / 21:05 PM

Press play to hear the US supermodel tell us everything we've always wanted to know...

We caught up with the American beauty over lunch (she didn't realise the hummus in Dubai was so tasty, apparently) and chatted all things celebrity, lifestyle and future goals.

Find out who makes her star struck, how she met her celeb idols (hint: it involves her dodging a security guard) and why she sees similiarities between herself and Middle Eastern women. Ashley is her usual super-relatable self and keeps it real with awkward moments, proudest moments, role models and TV binge habits.

Press play to watch Ashley Graham reveal all. And to watch a live rendition of her go-to karaoke song. 

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