WATCH: Max Mara Releases Short Film Highlighting The Importance Of Kindness

BY Sarah Garden / Oct 26 2017 / 23:59 PM

'A Coat Tale' is a lesson to us all

Max Mara has taken the old adage “kill them with kindness” and turned it into a heart-warming short film.

A Coat Tale, which is in collaboration with T Brand Studio, shows a young woman named Clarissa displaying kindness to a rude woman who bangs into her every day. 

The story is narrated by actress Anna Baryshnikov, whose breakout role was in last year’s Academy Award winning film Manchester By The Sea.

As the name suggests, the film showcases a number of the brand’s coats, with the main character’s love of walking in every season providing the backdrop for different pieces.


You’ll notice that Max Mara’s trending 'Teddy' coat makes an appearance – the Instagram staple of Fall 2017 is a throwback to the brand’s iconic 80s outerwear. Carine Roitfeld, Kim Kardashian and Rita Ora are just a few of the celebrities who have made sure that this is the coat to be seen in.

When Ian Griffiths decided to bring back the 'Teddy' he discovered that the pile fabrics used decades ago are no longer made. He and his team worked with a supplier in Italy to create a faux fur of camel hair on a base of silk.