Next Expert on Bazaar's Virtual Retreat: Blake Sergeant

BY Laura Kell / Mar 31 2020 / 15:41 PM

The Performance Coach will share insight into creating new habits and structure, especially when it comes to disruption within one's daily routine

Next Expert on Bazaar's Virtual Retreat: Blake Sergeant

Harper’s Bazaar Arabia is excited to announce our Virtual Retreat has officially kicked off and is in full swing.

We're hosting at-home self-improvement series of live masterclasses hosted by world-class industry experts and all you'll need is your phone to join in, as we make the most of our extra time at home.

We’re going live on our Instagram account @harpersbazaararabia throughout the week with various activities, tutorials and talks, covering a range of topics from cooking and wellness to skincare and fitness from the best in the business.

Our next Bazaar Virtual Retreat masterclass will be hosted by Blake Sergeant, Performance Coach and General Manager of The Hive (UK).

From professional athletes to medical professionals to entrepreneurs, Blake’s mission is to help others fulfill their potential. He believes there is no substitute to understanding the right 'theory' when it comes to getting results in business and in life. His goal is to show people the shortest route from A to B by providing them with the environment, the education and the accountability they need to design and build the life and business that they deserve. 

Tune in at 4pm (GST) on Wednesday, April 1 to watch Blake Sergeant’s masterclass, ‘Creating New Habits and Structure at Home’ and see below for this week’s full schedule of classes.

Bazaar Virtual Retreat: March 30 – April 2

Monday, March 30 - 16:00 (GST)
‘Ready in A Flash: How To Look Presentable on a Video Call and Other Self-Care Beauty Tips’
Nina Ubhi, Celebrity Makeup Artist and Founder of Nina Ubhi Cosmetics

Tuesday, March 31 - 16:00 (GST)
‘Emotional Resilience: How To Thrive During Times of Uncertainty’
Dr. Saliha Afridi, Clinical Psychologist and Founder of LightHouse Arabia

Wednesday, April 1 - 16:00 (GST)
‘Creating New Habits and Structure at Home’
Blake Sergeant, Performance Coach

Thursday, April 2 - 16:00 (GST)
‘Self-Isolating Goddess: Taking Care of Your Skin and Inner Wellness From Your Home’
Shawana Vali, Cosmetic Dermatologist and Founder of LMS Wellness

We look forward to bringing you along on the journey and be sure to check back soon for the next week's schedule.

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Image courtesy of Instagram/BlakeSergeant