Cartier's Panther Gets Playful

BY Sophie Stevens / Apr 6 2017 / 17:50 PM

The Maison’s Iconic Feline Returns In The Latest Collection Of Fine Jewellery Watches

Cartier's Panther Gets Playful
Courtesy Cartier
Cartier's latest Panthère Royale and Panthère Joueuse watches

The recently launched Panthère Joueuse model features the cub-like panther set throughout with diamonds, with emerald eyes and black lacquer spots. Replacing the hands of the watch, the playful panther’s head and paw indicates the minutes, with its ball pointing to the hour.

Panthere Joueuse Watch

Cartier's Panthère Joueuse watch, from Dhs 590,000

The more serious Clé de Cartier Panther Decor watch features a more dramatic motif, with the golden cat set against a flecked aventurine quartz backdrop. The penetrating gaze from this panther’s emerald eyes challenges you to look closer (not difficult to do with this on your wrist).

Cle De Cartier Watch

Clé de Cartier Panther Decor watch, from Dhs 276,000

A full-bodied diamond panther is captured in the Panthère Royale watch, inspired by a brooch made for Wallis Simpson in 1949 – one of Cartier’s most famous jewellery collectors. Set within concentric diamond circles that span out over a rock quartz base, the panther perches atop the dial within elegant interchangeable straps of either alligator or diamonds.

Panthere Royale Watch

Cartier's Panthère Royale watch, from Dhs 830,000