Chaumet Has Incorporated A Very Specific Design Element Within Its Newest Collection

BY Caty Penza / Jul 20 2020 / 10:30 AM

Paying tribute to the beauty of architecture from around the world, the ‘Perspectives de Chaumet’ incorporates six dazzling aesthetics in its latest designs

Chaumet Has Incorporated A Very Specific Design Element Within Its Newest Collection

For centuries Chaumet has been influenced by the magnificent buildings and structures that mark the city of Paris, where the House of Chaumet was founded in 1780.

In celebration of its architectural influence throughout the years, the luxurious French jeweler has dedicated a new thematic High Jewellery collection entirely to international architecture, appropriately named ‘Perspectives de Chaumet’.

From the Italian Renaissance designs to Russian constructivism, Bauhaus, Italian futurism and everything in between the new collection offers six unique visions, each carefully crafted by combining exceptional geometrical design and luxurious stones within each piece.

Bazaar shares a few of our favourite pieces from the new collection below. 


The skyline collection reimagines the contemporary city into stunning pieces made from bright yellow gold extremely rare D coloured diamonds, making these pieces completely breathtaking. 


Paying homage to the Italian Renaissance polychromatic domes, this collection glorifies the colors and shapes of the era using stunning Australian opal, corals, square-cut diamonds and much more.


Recalling stone latticework and mashrabiyas of contemporary architecture, this all white-gold collection showcases a mesh dream, ranging from rings, earrings and even a tiara. 


With its strong geometrical angles, spacing and layering, this collection calls Russian constructivism and Italian futurism, combining them to create stunning pieces featuring luxurious black onyx and sapphires.

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