5 Minutes With Selim Mouzannar

BY Khemena Ahmad / Feb 24 2020 / 17:39 PM

In town to celebrate his new partnership with Damas Jewellery, BAZAAR caught up with the renowned Lebanese jewellery designer to ask him about his latest collection

5 Minutes With Selim Mouzannar

Harper's BAZAAR Arabia: Tell us about your latest collection, what is the inspiration behind it?

Selim Mouzannar: The latest collection will be showcased in Paris next week, and it is mainly around two stones: light blue sapphire and natural pink tourmaline. These are the warm colours around the Beirut and Mina collections as well as the Istanbul collection.

HBA: What piece is your absolute favourite and why?

SM: I have a weakness for some pieces more than others, but these change depending on my mood! However, there is a particular piece, besides the iconic Beirut collection (of course), that is very special to me and it is ‘Amal’ necklace. The word ‘Amal’ in Arabic means ‘Hope,’ and in this world of violence and extremism, we need some hope and peace. The green colour of the award-winning emerald ‘Amal’ symbolises hope too.

Amal Neckalce

HBA: If you could only design one jewellery piece for the rest of your life, what would it be?

SM: That is impossible for me to answer! Each piece tells a story and the emotion behind it creates the piece. 

HBA: Would you ever go into bridal jewellery?

SM: We are preparing a bridal collection and we are working very hard on it because bridal jewellery is usually very conventional and we want to add some lightness and fun into the collection. 

HBA: What city inspires your designs the most?

SM: Every city has its own charm. I don’t like to fall into the trap of comparing as I appreciate the distinctive energy and the identity of each city.

HBA: What do you love most about Dubai?

SM: It is extremely multicultural and increasingly refined. People are becoming more and more attune to beauty and luxury in this part of the world.

Beirut Collection

HBA: Your life motto is...

SM: Be happy and optimistic because "optimism is a moral duty" as Karl Popper puts it, that is why we have to work for it to survive in life.

HBA: Any advice for aspiring jewellery designers?

SM: Based on my experience a jewellery designer must always take care not only of the sketch and the idea but rather of how to materialise and breathe spirit to the piece he or she is designing.

Images courtesy of Selim Mouzannar & Damas