The Faint of Heart Need Not Apply: Introducing The Exquisite World of Gonzague Zurstrassen

BY Sarah Joseph / Jun 28 2020 / 09:30 AM

The Belgian-born gemologist-turned-designer infuses inspiration from the Far East within his bespoke creations, never shying away from experimenting with gemstones of “mouth-watering” proportions

The Faint of Heart Need Not Apply: Introducing The Exquisite World of Gonzague Zurstrassen

There’s just something so magical about an item that has been crafted entirely by hand – be it a piece of pottery or a work of art – but in today’s fast-paced society artisans seem to be far and few between, especially when it comes to those who specialise in creating art that can be worn.

Belgian-born Gonzague Zurstrassen walks the fine line between modern-day designer and cultural purist, completely devoted to reviving the nearly forgotten art form making jewelry entirely by hand for his Gzurstrassen Collection. Best known for creating exquisite bespoke pieces for his clientele, the gemologist-turned-designer doesn’t shy away from experimenting with rubies, sapphires and diamonds of mouth-watering proportions.

“No two people carry the same memories, experiences, emotions and feelings that give passion and meaning to our lives," Gonzague said, expressing his process when crafting pieces for the line.

"The Gzurstrassen Collection is like a personal diary, an intricate account of strange poetic forms inspired by the vegetal and the animal world. I play with singular and incisive aesthetics to unearth human emotions that are both raw and heartfelt.”

“I’ve always been drawn to non-aggressive shapes like cabochon and like to use lots of unusual colours - blue paraibas, off-colour diamonds, flashy tourmalines, with natural stones that are rare due to their limited supplies rather than their market price,” he revealed.

All throughout the year, nature changes and brings new ideas, textures and colours so it's no surprise that many jewellers seek inspiration from their surroundings. Gonzague has managed to intricately infuse his creations with bold botanical statements, each piece capturing the beauty of the natural world.

Lead image courtesy of instagram/Gzurstrassen

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