This Cream Could Help Your Little One Sleep Through The Night

BY Maysa Rawi / Aug 27 2017 / 20:50 PM

Sales of Lush Sleepy Body Lotion have gone through the roof

This Cream Could Help Your Little One Sleep Through The Night
Lush Middle East
This Cream Could Help Your Little One Sleep Through The Night
Lush Middle East

It’s no secret that most mothers dream of getting a proper night’s rest. Now it seems there is a solution - a "miracle" cream that could help young children sleep through until morning.

Containing a relaxing blend of lavender, oatmeal and tonka, Sleepy Body Lotion was first introduced by handmade cosmetics company Lush as a limited-edition travel product for adults. It was brought back into stock permanently in July after the cream sold out and was hailed a ‘magic potion’ by online reviewers.

When one UK-based mother claimed that the balm helped her toddler sleep for a solid 14 hours, parents flocked to purchase the product in hopes of achieving the same success. Lush Middle East saw a huge surge in sales after the product went viral.

Mother-of-one Nisha Ayyamani posted on Facebook group British Mums Dubai: "It helped me get six hours of sleep. I usually toss and turn and wake every two to three hours. I also used it on my 22-month-old son and he woke up later than usual."

Narmin Kane, a pregnant mother-of-two, said: "My four-year-old usually gets up at least twice in the night. He has not been up once since we started using the cream."

A spokesperson for Lush ME said: "We didn’t anticipate that Sleepy would go as viral as it has. When we launched it as a year-round product, we quickly sold our entire stock which consisted of more than 350 units in the UAE. As soon as they landed in shops, they were pre-sold or sold within hours. We managed to urgently get another shipment and then sold the units very quickly."

The UK-based company advises against using Sleepy on very young infants. Lush founder Mark Constantine said: "As a general rule, we don’t think you should put any perfumed products on babies under the age of six months. Our advice to parents is to wear the lotion yourselves rather than applying it to your baby. However, you can use your own judgment in this instance."

But not all mothers are convinced. Some are against the idea of a miracle cure or quick fix to help with children’s sleep issues.

Dubai blogger and mother-of-two Helen Farmer of The Mothership said after testing the product on her two-year-old daughter Phoebe: "Scientifically speaking, a relaxing massage before bed with a cream that includes ingredients proven to calm may help. As new mums, we’re vulnerable. And tired. So, when something like Sleepy comes along – literally a magic potion – we’re entranced."

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