Dubai Opera Unveils Highly Anticipated Sculpture

BY Tanika D'souza / Nov 3 2016 / 21:48 PM

The 16-foot marble Dhow Sail is the perfect addition to the cultural hub of the city

Dubai Opera Unveils Highly Anticipated Sculpture
The Dhow Sail at the Dubai Opera presents the marble sculpture by Beth Cullen Kerridge

The highly anticipated unveiling of Beth Cullen Kerridge’s 16-foot marble sculpture, Dhow Sail, a magnificent creation that pays homage to the ethos of the Dubai Opera occurred on November 2, 2016.

Unveiled with much anticipation, the sculpture was commissioned by the London-based West Contemporary Gallery, Cullen Kerridge, in associated with the Italian studio, L’Atelier Corsanini. Embodying the boat-like structure of the Dubai Opera building, the Dhow Sail, is not only an aesthetic wonder but also a fully functioning seat that offers a seating place for visitors. It also serves a practical purpose by providing a spot of solace away from the sharp Dubai sun.

Jasper Hope, the Chief Executive of the stunning Opera house commented on the unveiling of the Sail suggesting it represents, “so many important aspects of Emirati Culture as well as the life and soul of the Dubai Opera building.”

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