Meet The Artist Behind The 'Explosion Art' At COYA Dubai

BY Ayesha Sohail Shehmir Shaikh / Aug 18 2019 / 21:52 PM

You can appreciate the electrifying works by Manu Alguero while relishing in delectable Peruvian cuisine...

Meet The Artist Behind The 'Explosion Art' At COYA Dubai
Courtesy of COYA Dubai and the artist
Manu Alguero. Orange. 150x150cm

Barcelona-born artist Manu Alguero developed a fascination for explosions at a very young age, loving the festive atmosphere that is infused by fireworks. When he grew up, Alguero pursued his interest and began exploring the concept of the Big Bang. “I found it interesting that the whole universe, all the planets and stars, were the result of one big explosion,” he says.

“At that point, I knew that I had to do something with this concept. So seven years ago at my studio, I decided to experiment, to paint with ‘explosions’ and I fell in love with the whole process - the result was exactly what I wanted.” The artist’s work is inspired by intense moments of emotion and a desire for new beginnings.

Manu Alguero. The Sun. 150x150cm. Courtesy of COYA Dubai and the artist

Alguero experimented with metallic paint and fireworks to begin with - shortly realising that it wasn’t a good idea. He then combined plastic paint with a bigger firework and discovered a compatible combination for self-expression. “I paint my inner world, sharing my feelings to those who explore my art,” he shares. 

“When I feel very happy, I paint explosions of happiness. When I have dark moments, I paint explosion of sorrow, which I often keep to myself.” Alguero’s family business involves the demolition of buildings – another inspiration behind the explosive art. “I love the moment of silence that settles in just before the 10 second countdown begins,” he says, of the building demolition process. The artist was in awe the very first time he witnessed a building crumble, admiring the beauty of destruction. 

Manu Alguero. Red Woman. 80cmx1m. Courtesy of COYA Dubai and the artist

“People may view destruction as a negative thing but always remember that in order to build something new, you first need to get rid of the old. If you want to build a new building, you need to bring down the old one. The same applies when starting a new life — you have to get rid the old ways of living to start fresh.”

The vibrant paintings have been exhibited around the world including Museo Can Framis in Barcelona and the Assilah Museum in Morocco, and are now on show at COYA Dubai until September. 

In November, an exhibition entitled ‘Explosions of Feelings’, is set to take place in Chelsea, New York and will feature a fusion of Alguero's work spanning paintings, sculptures and dresses. “This exhibition’s theme is about how important it is to follow your passion. I focus on liberation, specifically on the feelings that we sometimes suppress because society sometimes does not allow us to embrace ourselves,” shares Alguero. “Set yourself free from all the stereotypes and accept yourself the way you are with all your imperfections. There is no standard for beauty.”

Manu Alguero’s ‘Explosion Art’ is on show at COYA Dubai until September.  COYA is located at Restaurant Village Four Seasons Resort Jumeirah Beach Road, Jumeirah 2 - Dubai