Bahrain's Photographers In Focus

BY Ayesha Shaikh / Apr 6 2017 / 22:41 PM

Group photography exhibition ‘Do You Trust Me’ explores how trust comes into play in an age where everyone seems to be a photographer

Bahrain's Photographers In Focus
Courtesy and copyrights of the artist
Janan Habib. Mémoire d’éléphant. A4.

Do You Trust Me is the question posed at the eponymous group photography exhibition to open at the restored Bin Matar House, a rich, century-old heritage building in Muharraq, Bahrain. The exhibition features works by a mix of 13 artists, both emerging and established, offering a brooding look at the thinning line between information and misinformation amid growing online networks and netizens.

Curated by Melissa Enders-Bhatia, the exhibition views the concepts of reality, perception and trust that hang in the balance as a growing number of photographs, often unverified, go viral every day. Artists including Asma Murad, Camille Zakharia, Hanan Al Khalifa, Hesham Al Ammal and Simon Impey explore how trust comes into play as their works are shown in an age where everyone seems to be a photographer.

On view will be a diverse blend of photographs, with each artist displaying no more than five works that will establish the power both artists and viewers hold to evoke meaning based on preconceived notions and social conditioning.

Janan Habib’s photography series offers a view of the Manama skyline from her apartment, with objects that carry deep emotional value for her floating in the sky. Habib uses these whimsical photographs to project her state of mind and declutter.

Another gripping work to be on view is by budding Bahraini artist Enas Sistani. Titled Fake News, her photographs employ lenticular printing technology, allowing her to create depth and multiple facets of one single image.

The Shaikh Ebrahim Centre and Goethe-Institut reviewed the topic area at a series of lectures and workshops, critically assessing works of individual artists. The exhibition showcases works by artist who were part of the educational programme and also those by other artists.

Do You Trust Me runs from 9 April to 15 May at the Bin Matar House in Muharraq, Bahrain. For more information visit