A New Design Institute In Dubai Plunges Headfirst Into Art

BY Ayesha Shaikh / Jun 27 2018 / 17:54 PM

Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation hosts its first photography exhibition titled ‘DIDI X DXB’

A New Design Institute In Dubai Plunges Headfirst Into Art
Courtesy of DIDI X DXB
Cotton Candy by Louai Mroueh

Ahead of its awaited fall 2018 opening, the Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation (DIDI), which will offer a four-year Bachelor of Design Degree with the curriculum designed in collaboration with MIT and Parsons School of Design, is hosting its first photography exhibition titled DIDI X DXB.

“This exhibition showcases cross generational and cross-cultural photographers, exploring the themes of creativity in Dubai, street photography and creative photojournalism,” Sass Brown, Dean of DIDI, tells Bazaar Art. The series examine the theme through the lens of young Dubai-based photographers Louai Mroueh, Franzie Allen Miranda, Sandy Tinari, and Hernan Hoentsch, who is also a product designer. “We’re very excited to host this exhibition of young, local photographers,” says Sass.


Self-Portrait by Hernan Hoentsch

Mroueh has a flair for taking striking, poignant photographs and explores the intersection between design and creativity for the city’s young people in the exhibition. At just 18, she comes forth with a series of gripping images that lend voice to the emerging generation and what design means to them.

Where budding street photographer Miranda’s works are a meditation on how design weaves into our daily lives and experiences, Hoentsch collaborates with designers and creates layers of meaning through his use of experimental techniques such as distorting visual representation to depict designed objects.


Embroidery by Franzie Allen Miranda

Tinari, who is a photojournalist and brand specialist lends a special focus on the city’s design sector and its inherent diversity and creativity as part of DIDI’s own ongoing storytelling series. “At DIDI, we believe in supporting the next generation of designers, and the development of new talent in the region, not just through our own Bachelor of Design degree opening here in d3 this September but also by supporting our greater community,” Sass notes.

Cross-disciplinary in approach, DIDI will offer a choice of two concentrations from Product Design, Strategic Design Management, Multimedia Design, and Fashion Design. The institute will see its first class of students in Fall 2018.

The exhibition runs at the Atrium, Building 4 in Dubai Design District until 28 June. The complete DIDI Bachelor of Design curriculum can be explored at Didi.ac.ae.