Slavs And Tatars To Curate 33rd Biennial Of Graphic Arts

BY Katrina Kufer / Jun 19 2018 / 12:28 PM

The Ljubljana, Slovenia, event will see artist collective Slavs & Tatars curate the upcoming edition in 2019

Slavs And Tatars To Curate 33rd Biennial Of Graphic Arts
Courtesy of The Third Line
Slavs and Tatars. Kitab Kebab (Sarmats and Tsars). 2013. Books and skewer

Though the 32nd edition opted for a format that omitted a traditional curatorial role, the 33rd Biennial of Graphic Arts held in Ljubljana has announced that Slavs and Tatars will be at the helm. The artist collective has a broad remit that spans Eastern Europe and Eurasia, with a strong focus on language, cultural boundaries and and knowledge production through the fusion of pop culture, esoteric traditions, oral histories, myths and academic research. The duo’s tackling of modern polemics serves to challenge outdated concepts and views of connections between science, religion, power and identity.

Since 2006, the practice of Slavs and Tatars has been marked by exhibitions, publications and lecture-performances. For the ideologically open biennial, which marks their first large-scale curatorial project, the artists intend to revisit the event's 1955 origins. "After a thaw in the idea of medium-specificity over the last 20 odd years, we would like to refocus on 'the graphic' today, both in a literal but also strategic sense,” they shared in a statement. “In an age of mashed up futures and scrambled pasts, the role of the graphic in public discourses and polemics seems particularly relevant today." Slavs and Tatars were selected by the biennial for their editorial contributions, engagement of visual language, and involved research practice. 

Biennial to Biennial, 33rd Biennial of Graphic Arts will run from June to September 2019 in Cukrarna, a 19th-century former sugar factory.