Alserkal Avenue Is Where You Have To Be This Summer

BY Katrina Kufer / Jun 20 2018 / 12:20 PM

Alserkal Avenue has announced the return of its annual summer programming, revealing choice initiatives for all ages that will keep the Dubai art hub buzzing through the summer months

Alserkal Avenue Is Where You Have To Be This Summer
Courtesy of Cinema Akil and Alserkal Avenue
Cinema Akil pop-up in The Yard, Alserkal Avenue

Under the theme Sensing Memory, the third edition of Alserkal Avenue’s annual summer programme will take visitors on a journey through personal and collective sense and memory. Taking place from mid-July, initial highlights include summer art, photography and dance camps for youths from Gulf Photo Plus and thejamjar; and FIERCE! film programme from Cinema Akil, which will be dedicated to groundbreaking females. Titles on view include The If Project, Custody and Loretta Lynn: Still A Mountain Girl. Sensing Memory will also see The Junction reshowing sell-out creations such as Urdu production Mian, Biwi aur Wagah and Shorter+Sweeter; a selection of the top 10-minute plays from Abu Dhabi's Short+Sweet festival; while culinary concept “restaurant” INKED will revisit two of their most popular original concepts: an old-school hip-hop breakfast and a ’10 hands chefs’ dinner where five chefs collaborate on eight courses based on the five elements.

Sensing Memory draws upon the varied niche and specialty outlets that have Alserkal Avenue their home, and which nurture local creative production. There will also be a workshop exploring how perfume and scent can evoke affectionate memories; Tai Chi sessions; a lecture on traditional Emirati building materials; a talk on astronomy and how it was used to pass on narratives in various civilisations; and a book reading club covering In Search of Lost Time by Marcel Proust.

Running through mid-September, don’t miss a chance at sensory exploration and also the opportunity to witness firsthand some of Dubai’s newest creative talents.

Full scheduling available here.