World Art Dubai Teams Up with Mawaheb

BY Anna Brady / Apr 10 2017 / 00:04 AM

Dubai-based Mawaheb for Beautiful People, an inspiring art studio for adults with special needs, will host a series of workshops and talks at the third World Art Dubai 2017 from 12-15 April at Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC)

World Art Dubai Teams Up with Mawaheb
Mawaheb artist Victor Sitali. Photography by Susanna Dahlstedt, Mawaheb Volunteer

As part of this new partnership, Mawaheb and its artists will exhibit numerous works at the fair, which focuses on accessibly priced art, alongside holding daily events in The Blah Blah Lounge at the venue.

“It’s a great honour for Mawaheb and its artists to be part of World Art Dubai 2017,” says Wemmy de Maaker, Managing Director of Mawaheb for Beautiful People. “Not only will it bring our artists into the spotlight and give them a chance to shine, but it will also allow them to be recognised for their talent rather than their disability.”

Adults with special needs are often very creatively talented but lack a safe and nurturing environment for artistic expression. That is what Mawaheb seeks to provide and at World Art Dubai, three of its most talented associated artists will show their work and lead the events. They are: Victor Sitali, a 26-year-old Zambian artist who lost his hearing and speech when he was just three, who will take a Speed Painting Creative Workshop and a sign language workshop; James Casaki, who was born with Kabuki Syndrome and is now a motivational speaker, who hosts a workshop exploring Kabuki Syndrome and how art has changed his life, and Sharan Budhrani, who was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy at the age of six but takes to the stage to discuss how art has helped him overcome the problems caused by his disability.

World Art Dubai 2017 runs from 12-15 April at Dubai World Trade Centre. The Mawaheb sessions are open to all. For a full list of events and more information on the fair see