In Memoriam

BY Katrina Kufer / Jul 23 2017 / 18:13 PM

Three international artists with adventurous practices passed away in early July

In Memoriam
Image courtesy Galerie Karsten Greve, Paris
Installation view of work by Pierrette Bloch

Pierrette Bloch
The French post-war artist passed away in Paris on 7 July at age 89, confirmed Galerie Karsten Greve. Known for ink abstractions created with unconventional materials, “Pierrette will be remembered for her courage, boldness, curiosity and adventurous spirit in her exploration of visual articulation as well as the deeply moving simplicity and expressivity inherent in her nuanced work,” the gallery said in a statement.

Daniel LaRue Johnson
American sculptor Johnson has passed away at age 79. Recognised for a body of work that included monumental steel sculptures, assemblages that addressed America’s civil rights movements, and colourful abstract works, “It has been an honour for us to handle Johnson’s work and we are grateful for the opportunity to help introduce this pioneering African American artist to new audiences,” dealer John Wright Schaefer said in a statement.

Charles McGill
At age 53, the American sculptor and educator has died. McGill was known for his iconic usage of vintage golf bags as a material. “I find the golf bag to be a very political object due to its historical associations with class […] and racial injustice […]It is both an object and subject that lends itself well to found object abstractions and assemblages that address these well-chronicled complexities,” McGill once said. Pavel Zoubok Gallery confirmed his 9 July passing.

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