#MedicalizeArt Online Diagnoses

BY Katrina Kufer / Jun 1 2017 / 16:27 PM

Doctors and the medically inclined alike have been popping up on Twitter since Tuesday with #MedicalizeArt to offer their analyses on well-known works of art

#MedicalizeArt Online Diagnoses
Images courtesy the users

Licensed doctors and medical students (and now, the public) have been riding the latest, if niche, wave of offering Internet diagnoses of the various ailments experienced by art historical masterpieces. It turns out, The Son of Man by René Magritte depicts not an apple, but, a fungating facial lesion; Venus de Milo is suffering “Acquired Absence of Upper Limb”, and all of Roy Lichtenstein’s famous Pop art dot paintings are experiencing a case of measles. Medical advice online may usually be a dangerous territory, but these memes are offering the public a (cheeky) insight into the lives of famous artworks. 

To see the full scope of this digital joke, search #MedicalizeArt on Twitter.