Tired of Art Podcasts? Try These Talks from Dubai’s Alserkal Avenue

BY Katrina Kufer / Aug 29 2018 / 19:57 PM

For it's summer 'Sensing Memory' programming, Alserkal Avenue is offering a series of talks running through to mid-September. Here is our pick of what not to miss

Tired of Art Podcasts? Try These Talks from Dubai’s Alserkal Avenue
Image courtesy of Alserkal Avenue, Dubai
Alserkal Avenue's 2017 Talks Programme at Nadi Al Quoz

Visualising Memory: Archiving an Evolving City
27 August, 6.30-7.30pm, Nadi Al Quoz

Jalal Abuthina, an Irish-Libyan photographer, guides listeners from Deira to Satwa, discussing the inspirations behind his projects over the last decade. Focused on preserving memories of Dubai as it undergoes a rapid evolution, Abuthina’s visual reflections have been included in his self-published books including Memories of Satwa and Dubai: Behind the Scenes.

Jalal Abuthina's Memories of Satwa. Image courtesy of Gulf Photo Plus, Dubai

Inherited Memory: How the Generation After Remembers War, Partition and Genocide
1 September, 4-6pm, Nadi Al Quoz

Dr Maya Aghasi, assistant professor of literature at the American University of Sharjah, will discuss how we remember. Focusing on the inherited memory of descendants from individuals who endured war, genocide and displacement, Aghasi will explore how it shapes identity and the role of imaginative fiction. She will discuss examples from Palestine, the Armenian Genocide, the India-Pakistan partition, and the 1975 Lebanese civil war, among others.

Alserkal Avenue

Sense and Reality in the Virtual Age
10 September, 7-9pm, Warehouse 25

Tackling how the digital world affects our senses, the panel discussion featuring professors Alex Albani and Hendrik Wahl from AUD, will discuss the role and implications of technology and virtual reality in the perception of the day-to-day physical world.