Watch: Dance Instructor Lana Fahmi On The New Sima Performing Arts Venue In Dubai

BY Ayesha Shaikh / Dec 31 2017 / 19:10 PM

Rebecca Anne Proctor speaks to Fahmi about how Sima Dance Company is redefining Arab contemporary dance with its latest space in art hub Alserkal Avenue

After being founded in Damascus in 2003 by renowned Syrian choreographer Alaa Krimed and finally finding home in Dubai two years ago, Sima Dance Company launched its new Sima Performing Arts venue in the heart of Alserkal Avenue this past September. The space offers training across various performance styles alongside a host of talks, screenings and programmes, all to facilitate the growth of contemporary dance and other performing arts in the UAE.

Here, Lana Fahmi, dancer and dance instructor at Sima Dance Company, speaks to Bazaar Art about how the initiative has gone from strength to strength. Watch to see glimpses of the grand opening and how this budding venture is filling the void in the region's contemporary dance scene.

Sima Performing Arts is located in Warehouse #38 in Alserkal Avenue, Dubai.