In Conversation With Victoria Beckham At The Bazaar Capsule

BY Milli Midwood / Oct 10 2019 / 19:22 PM

"I've worn some PVC in my time; I've worn some very spicy outfits in my time"

In Conversation With Victoria Beckham At The Bazaar Capsule

Hers is a name that transcends more than just fashion - a pop-culture touchpoint that defines the 90s, the 00s and, of course, right now - arguably, the time when she’s making more girl power-moves than ever.

Her 11-year-old brand has become not only one of the hottest tickets of the fashion week calendar, but has also earned her the immense respect of the fashion world… and more importantly, a legion of loyal, global fans, so many of which are right here in the Middle East, who adore her pieces that are resolutely designed with what women really want at their very core.

A self-declared perfectionist, her stratospheric success in not only one, but two notoriously difficult industries, is an absolute ode to what can be achieved with sheer hard work, tenacity, and not taking no for an answer. She really is a very modern icon and, put simply, kind of a big deal.

Ladies and gentlemen, the one and only Victoria Beckham

Olivia Phillips: You celebrated a decade of your brand last year. What is the most valuable lesson you've learned in those last years?

Victoria Beckham: It's about good work ethic, working hard, keeping your head down, dreaming big and then dreaming even bigger. 

OP: What's been the most fun part of your career?

VB: When I look at my team for Victoria Beckham, I feel so proud. I'm so proud of team as well. And I've really enjoyed the journey. I feel thankful, grateful and very, very content. I'm now enjoying this new journey into beauty. I love what I do. 

OP: How did you deal with the criticism when you first started?

VB: I was very aware of people's pre-conveiced notions; I was a pop-star and am married to a footballer. It was never about proving myself to people. It was about letting the product speak for itself. I constantly want to better myself. 

OP: Two seasons ago, you had a bit of a homecoming and started showing at LFW. What that emotional for you?

VB: Over the past few years I'd had a love-hate relationship with the press. I'd been showing in New York, but I wanted to do something different to celebrate my 10th anniversary. I had friends and family that still didn't understand what I did for a job. I'm very proud to be British and it felt like the start of a new chapter. 

OP: How does Victoria Beckham resonate with the Middle Eastern woman?

VB: I think I can really relate to my Middle Eastern customer. It's a sophisticated brand for sophisticated ladies. It's chic, it's conservative and I think I am going to be very inspired by this place for my next collections. I love how women feel empowered when they wear my clothes. 

OP: Which other designers do you wear?

VB: I love wearing vintage pieces. And I love wearing the designs I've created with other brands, like Reebok, because they work for all my different needs, whether it's working out or going out. 

OP: How does your brand marry fashion and beauty with digital?

VB: I had an e-com site before I had standalone stores. Digital is key. When launching my beauty brand, so I decided to go direct. The only way to buy Victoria Beckham Beauty is on I like to learn about my customer and give her exactly what she wants. 

OP: What has been your most memorable looks over the year?

VB: I've worn some PVC in my time; I've worn some very spicy outfits in my time. I cringe more at the make-up looks than fashion. 

OP: If you were to renew your vows, what would you do differently today?

VB: We would probably just do a very small wedding with family and friends. 

OP: Tell us about when you started incorporating colour into your brands?

VB: It's become a key code of the Victoria Beckham brand. We love pairing colours together that you wouldn't think would work, but they really compliment each other. I still love black, though, it feels very modern and cool. But clashing colours is key for us. It's a very happy feeling. 

OP: What would you like to achieve that you haven't already?

VB: At the moment, I feel very passionate about the beauty brand I just launched. I wanted to create products that were kind to our faces and kind to the planet. 

OP: Is that sustainable ethos something we will we will see in your fashion brand as well?

VB: Absolutely. I think fashion needs to catch up with the planet. 

OP: How does it feel to be a female role model?

VB: It's about being the best of who we are and supporting each other as women, wives and entrepreneurs. 

OP: Is your daughter Harper quite a tough critic? 

VB: She comes to every show and tries on my clothes and make-up. I'll always ask if enjoyed my fashion show - but she's only eight-years-old, so we don't take it too seriously. If I didn't have such a great family, I would never be in the position I am. 

OP: What would you like your legacy to be?

VB: I would like to look back on my career and think that it was a brand that was about making women feel good about themselves.