What Does It Feel Like To Have A 24-Carat Gold Facial?

BY Georgie Bradley / Oct 25 2017 / 21:13 PM

It is indeed as extravagant as it sounds. Courtesy of Margy’s Monte Carlo’s innovation you can achieve an ever-lasting lit-from-within glow

What Does It Feel Like To Have A 24-Carat Gold Facial?
The luxurious 24-carat gold chain mask

Here's a fact to flip all you ever knew about your body. You have gold within you – yes, you may be over 60 per cent water but you are also part gold too – maybe your mother told you, ‘you're good as gold’ to lift you up in times of woeful self-doubt or simply as a complimentary pick-me-up when you didn’t realise you needed it, in the way only our darling mothers can do –  oh how she would topple with excitement to know she was actually ‘right’ and that you do possess innate gold within.

Well – another fact to shatter the former, we only have 0.0002 milligrams of gold in our bodies. But when Margie Lombard, the CEO and founder of luxury skincare products, Margy’s Monte Carlo, told me this fascinating factlet, it was like having the best biology lesson ever, where I actually took notes and applied myself. While this infinitesimal portion of gold may not have the kind of magnetising strength to work wonders from the inside out, Margy’s Monte Carlo 24-Carat Gold Facial works from the outside in.

Margy's Monte Carlo skin care line

The Hype
For the last six years Margy’s Monte Carlo has been purveying the most unique-to-the-world facial, exclusively in Jumeirah spas across the UAE, where you get an uber luxe royal treatment that “increases the collagen in your skin to keep it supple and wrinkle-free and goes to the heart of your cells to detox them,” says Margie, who radiates a can’t-take-your-eyes-off-of-her dewiness that easily rivals the youthful beam of a twenty-something’s complexion. I didn’t know much about the beneficial properties of gold but “it’s very important for the skin as it’s anti-inflammatory. You go through a skin detox first, then a stimulation of the muscles to get firm and then the regeneration phase with the 24-carat gold jewellery piece connected to a software [developed by Margie and her team] and you come out with a fabulous illumination,” she promises. And with that, I proceeded to the treatment room nestled within a private villa at Jumeirah Zabeel Saray to be worked on by celebrity facial technician, Yoko.

I should probably pause and put out a pressing disclaimer. Previous to this 24-carat gold facial (worth a cool Dhs25,000/$7000) I’d only ever had one facial before, a sub-par experience that left me looking like my face had been attacked by razor blades. Thus, I decided that facials didn’t wash with me. But within the scope of facials, I trusted a 24-carat gold one would not only lift my negative biases but would set the bar stratospherically high, to make even the most sophisticated facial treatment goers seem pedestrian in their experiences by comparison.

The Treatment
As with any spa treatment, relaxation is the core aim. Yoko removed my makeup in what felt like a gloriously languid process, getting to my most base layer of skin to begin a round of indulgent moisturising using Margy’s Monte Carlo’s Swiss ingredient creams.With deft circular motions, Yoko massaged into every muscle of my face applying waves of intense and caressing strokes keeping me in a babe-like state of comfort but at the same time invigorating my entire body down to my toes. I can’t be exact as to how long it lasted, but it must have been at least 45 minutes, and if it wasn’t, that’s testament to Yoko’s enduring touch.

Margy's Monte Carlo creams offer generous textures for the skin

After giving me back my baby skin (which I didn’t even know I still had under all that city life coarseness) the moment arrived to put 24-carats worth of gold on my face. The feather-light gold chain mask is connected to a high-tech software which transmits signals – gold conducts ions which stimulates cellular growth and boosts the production of elastin and collagen. As Yoko ramped up the power, I felt a quivering prick in the roots of my teeth and heard a crackling white-noise. I let out a knee-jerk “oh WOW that’s intense” but I wasn’t anywhere near bursting through my pain threshold because it wasn’t pain as such, just a tingling tightness, which accumulated as the minutes ticked on, amping up my excitement to see the end result. In a flash, 15 minutes had passed and Yoko then applied a Prestige Face Lift Collagen Mask, giving a feeling of a second, born-again skin. More sleep-inducing moisturising followed. I lost count how many times I was glazed with yet another sumptuous cream during the treatment – with rest time in our down-to-the-wire days tragically in decline, I appreciate the sanctity of silent pampering

The Result
I was left with clarity like I’d never known before – my skin was clear as a day, marble-smooth and gave a perfect disguise of eight hours sleep. It’s now been a week since I had the facial and I still look like I'm fresh from a retreat, I haven't worn a morsel of makeup (can't bear to cover up the glow) and I can have a late night with the reassurance of looking bright-eyed in the morning. 

The 24-Carat Gold Facial is available at Talise Spas across the UAE. This facial was done at Jumeirah Zabeel Saray. For more information contact +971 4453 0456 or email jzstalise@jumeirah.com