In Reivew: Bioderma’s Sebium Range

BY Sara AlHumiri / Oct 5 2019 / 11:16 AM

Calling all oily to combo-skin girls, we’ve found a new beauty product that will change your skincare routine…

In Reivew: Bioderma’s Sebium Range

BAZAAR went back to school at the NAOS Skin Academy where we were not only educated on our skin, but on Bioderma’s latest product release. As a renowned skincare brand, Bioderma coins their products as ‘biology at the service of dermatology’, focusing on skin products that really make a change; and most importantly products that don’t over-treat your skin, but instead teach your skin to learn as well.

With all this skin-ducation we were more than ready to test out these new products and get all the facts on how to improve our self-care routines. This also included the help of talking to experts involving the likes of Dr Sawsan AlMulla, a healthcare pioneer & dermatologist in Dubai, and Berna Rensburg, an established spokesperson for Bioderma.

Bioderma's Sebium Range

Bioderma’s Sebium range, specified to oily-combination skin, is made up of 8 products, but the main ones we’ll be focusing on are: the ‘Sebium Gel Moussant’, the ‘Sebium H2O’, the ‘Sebium Pore Refiner’ and the ‘Sebium Mat Control’. To start off this sebium-skin based routine, you use the ‘Gel Moussant’. This cleanser isn’t like your regular face wash – it’s a purifying cleanser that lessens oiliness and blemishes. One of our favourite takeaways from this beauty product is how gentle it is on your skin; even though it’s targeted to oily & combo skin, it doesn't dry you out. That’s the first of many reasons as to why we think products from this range are a must-have. The second is that the ‘Gel Moussant’ is a soap-free cleaning base – AKA it won’t bring any harm to your skin! We all know how important this is, especially if your skin is more on the sensitive-side.

Bioderma's Gel Moussant 

Bioderma's Pore Refiner

The Sebium Gel Moussant isn’t the only miracle-product thats come out of Bioderma’s Sebium range. The ‘Pore Refiner’ has us obsessed. We all know how annoying large pores and uneven skin texture can be – especially if you’re required to wear makeup frequently (and the hot UAE climate don’t help). But this correcting treatment in a bottle will become a new addition to both your skincare & makeup routine. Yes - we said ‘and’ makeup. The ‘Sebium Pore Refiner’ is a dermatological product that tightens dilated pores and improves your skin texture – its bonus feature is that it makes for an amazing makeup primer. This treatment can be used twice a day, and again – doesn’t dry you out (we’ve tested it and it’s safe to say we’re in love). Because the product has a gel consistency, and is water-based, you don’t have to worry about any weird texture or shedding that can occur when you use primer sometimes.


If these reasons aren’t enough to convince you, we’ve got two more up our sleeves. As the Bioderma products come in a ‘range’, it’s no surprise that the ‘Gel Moussant’ and ‘Pore Refiner’ complement each other as products. If need be, they can be used as a pair – meaning that you don’t need to look too far if you want to try to build a new skincare routine. As well as this, the Sebium range works well with blemished/acne-prone skin. This is important as the products can tackle more than one skin-situation without you having to be overbearing with your routine (and over-treating).

An exclusive with Berna Rensburg from Bioderma revealed that even she uses the Sebium ‘Pore Refiner’ – “It’s more of a mattifying but not dull look. The products are completely safe and the ingredients work with my skin to enhance my skin. When you use the ‘Gel Moussant’, make sure you don’t use too much, one pump to be exact. And use the Sebium H2O & Mat Control afterwards.”

It’s clear that products from Bioderma’s Sebium range will become staples in our skincare routine – hopefully as clear as our skin will be.