10 Stunning And Spooky Nail Art Ideas For Halloween

BY Sara AlHumiri / Sep 30 2019 / 13:16 PM

Make your costume complete with the creepiest nails

10 Stunning And Spooky Nail Art Ideas For Halloween
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Whether you have long nails or short; or prefer a more simple look rather than a full-blown artistic masterpiece, you can never go wrong with a novelty manicure. Especially one with the coolest designs for Halloween. Autumn is finally upon us and it's officially spooky season. While you're planning out your costumes and RSVP'ing to events - don't forget to go that little extra mile with self-care and dedicate your next manicure appointment to Halloween-inspired nails only. BAZAAR has rounded up the scariest, cutest and weirdest nail-art inspiration from Instagram to kick-start your ideas. Scroll down to see more...


Frankenstein's Bride

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Stitches for @yassstina

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We all know the classic story of Frankenstein, but have you ever heard of including those infamous stitches on your nails?


Boo! The Cute Ghost

If you love white nail polish as much as we do, then this look is for you. Style your nails this Halloween to look like a cute ghost, you can even give it facial features!


Wica 101

Charmed is making its come back (as it should) with these witchy nails that we're obsessed with. The stylish gold outlines of creepy witch-symbols layered on top of a classic black is very Halloween.


The Nightmare Before Christmas 

Inbetween our two favourite holidays: Halloween and Christmas, lands these creepy Nightmare Before Christmas inspired nails. Neon limegreen polish and stripes screams scary, but stylish.


Dead Black

Painting your nails black for Halloween is no surpise. But a latex black topped with matte black jewels to match? Iconic. Add in hints of red and white for contrast, and to make your nailfie more unique than it'll already look.


The Stranger, The Better

Speaking of red, black and white being the perfect colour-combo; this nail-look inspired by Emily the Strange has us shook. With each nail looking as gothic as the next one (not including the more minimal index finger), we have to admit that we love this look inspired by a spooky fictional character.  


Leopard Print 

We know that cat costumes will be some of the most trendy Halloween costumes this October (internal sigh), but why not go a little bt further with your look and paint a pattern of chic, minimal leopard prints.


Snakes On A Plane (Or In Dubai)

Make like Gucci and decorate yourselves in snake prints & patterns, or in this case, just your nails. Whether it's Slytherin that creeps you out, or the actual animal itself, snakes are definietly scary. But as a black & white design on your nails, they're very edgy.


A Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkins are basically the official symbol for Halloween, so it's only natural to want to get them painted on your nails. This nailfie does a more transluscent take on your regular pumpkin patch - and we love it.


If Nails Could Kill

Have your nails as sharp as your cat eyeliner on Halloween and paint some mini-knives on your nails. Add a little metallic silver for effect and you have yet another scary but stylish nail-look.