Bazaar's Quest For The Perfect Smile

BY Gemma Deeks and Katie Trotter / May 22 2017 / 14:10 PM

Bazaar road tests Dubai’s top cosmetic dentists in a bid to banish our dental insecurities

Bazaar's Quest For The Perfect Smile
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As a 20-something without a single ‘teeth smile’ picture on my social media, discovering Digital Smile Design, a new revolutionary concept combining the benefits of science, technology and art, was a pleasant surprise. Like many others, I always presumed veneers were the answer to perfect teeth, and had accepted that I wasn’t one of the lucky ones born with a Hollywood smile – a Cheshire cat grin a long-lost dream. As I waited to see Dr Sofia Aravopoulou, Euromed’s General Dentist who holds a Masters of Science in Lasers in Dentistry and is a qualified Implantologist with 14 years of experience, like most, I was apprehensive for the appointment ahead. “What if she can’t fix my teeth? What if this will take 12 hours of gruelling work?” were the type of thoughts that went through my head on repeat, until I received the warmest of greetings from someone I can now genuinely claim changed my life. Sofia was a breath of fresh air, a far cry from the stereotypical grumpy male dentist of my childhood, I instantly warmed to her, feeling excited by her positivity, and comfortable thanks to her evident level of expertise. We discussed what I disliked about my teeth – the unevenness and chips my biggest concerns – before she photographed my current smile so the designed smile would accurately fit my face. Next, I was in the dentist chair, and Sofia explained she would create a mock-up of what she had in mind for my new smile. A paste was applied to my teeth, which was allowed to set, and within 20 minutes I was shown a smile that now belonged to me. If I could describe how I felt, I would, but I was honestly lost for words. One week later, she performed Direct Resin Veneers, the application of a bonding agent to enhance my natural teeth, building the broken teeth and amending the alignment. There was no drilling, no pain – in short, a miracle – that resulted in the teeth I have always wanted. 

From Dhs1,500 per tooth, Euromed Clinic, +971 4 394 5422;

Get Brushing.

Left: Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush in rose gold with glass charger and travel case, Dhs899 at Virgin Megastores. Right: Apa Clean White Sonic Toothbrush, Dhs1,100 at Harvey Nichols and Bloomingdale's Dubai.

Image courtesy: Efraim Evidor


No teenage girl likes to be different. I had a rather large gap between my two front teeth and it had bothered me enough to have it filled with composite so that my smile looked like everyone else’s. Fast forward, ahem, a decade or so later and it was looking a little tired. You could see the faint lines where the composite had been bonded and the enamel had started to wear down, so the teeth were thinner than I would have liked. Enter Dr Michael Apa’s clinic, the Rolls Royce of cosmetic dentistry, the magician of the tooth world who handcrafts and restores your natural smile – a level of dentistry that you and I don’t understand. According to Dr Apa I had a good display of teeth but he could improve my smile with four customised porcelain veneers at the front. We started by checking my bite (if the design is a millimetre out it won’t function properly)and to see if veneers would work for me. By creating a trial smile from flowable composite placed directly over the teeth he showed me how the final result will look – they are perfect. We had to shape a little off of the front of my own teeth to make room for the porcelain veneer before sending the moulds to the in-house laboratory where it’s customised. What makes Dr Apa’s clinic different is that the master ceramist from the lab is involved in every step, using a blend of many different types of ceramics to create a  texture that perfectly mimics my own enamel. The design of the tooth is crucial to Dr Apa, and he spends time making sure the tooth will fit seamlessly against the gum with the correct contact point to the tooth next to it. Two weeks later, he bonds the customised veneers in permanently and I have my restored smile. Dr Apa has the ability to really change the way we feel about ourselves, plus our teeth play a key part of the initial impression we make on others so there really is no better gift than being given the chance to smile like I mean it. 

Dhs9,000-Dhs15,000 per tooth. Apa Aesthetic, +971 4 709 1000;