Beauty Diaries: Lynn Khoury Soubra

BY Gemma Deeks / Jan 11 2018 / 14:19 PM

The founder and managing director of Lynn’s Apothecary in Beirut is a clean beauty believer

Beauty Diaries: Lynn Khoury Soubra

Lynn Khoury Soubra, 38, Lebanese


Favourite make-up brand: “I alternate between RMS Beauty and Ilia. I love RMS because its products are packed with natural goodness and they’re super clean. Ilia has gorgeous colours and textures and most importantly its free of toxic ingredients.”

Go-to lip colour: “Nobody’s Baby for the day. It’s a sheer nude with a peachy undertone. And Inkpot for the night. It’s such a dramatic colour. It’s from Ilia Tinted Lip Conditioner collection so it’s super nourishing and hydrating.”

Mascara: Defining Mascara by RMS.

Current perfume: “I made a switch to natural fragrances. Tata Harper’s Aromatic treatments are small roll-ons to carry in your bag and I use depending
on my mood and needs (Stress, Energy, Irritability, Romantic/Playful).”

Signature make-up hack: Antonym Endless Summer highlighter.

From left: Ilia Beauty Lip tint in Nobody’s Baby and Ink Pot Dhs105. RMS Beauty Defining Mascara, Dhs116. Tata Harper Stress Treatment, Dhs355. Antonym Cosmetics in Baked Blush Dhs136, all available at Lynn's Apothecary


Go-to snack: Cucumbers. 

Workout method: MOTR with Hiba at Trainstation. “It works your core and tones your whole body and Hiba’s class makes all the difference.”

Guilty food pleasures: French fries.

Drink preference: “Coffee to wake up, bubbly to unwind!”

Breakfast: “Gluten-free muesli/cereals with almond milk, gluten-free toast with avocado, chia pudding with almond butter and bananas and juices from Qi Juices.”

Food dislikes: “Meat and dairy from sheep or goats.”

Lynn doing MOTR. Qi Juices


Hairstylist: Rabih Tannous.

Hair schedule: “I cut and do my highlights every three to four months. I have already switched to natural hair products at home as I’m trying to expose my hair less to chemicals when I need professional hair treatments; less highlighting is the first step!”

Style secret: “I don’t ever brush my hair while wet. I always dry it first with a dryer or air dry and then brush. It minimises breakage. I also use a Holistic Silk pillowcase to minimise hair breakage at night. Cotton pillowcases weaken the hair and promote hair fall.”

Treatments: Rahua Elixir and Rahua Omega 9 Mask.

Favourite products: Sansceuticals Nourishing shampoo, Sansceuticals Ultra Hydratant .

Bad hair day secret: "A tight bun + Rahua creamwax to give it a sleek look."

From left: Sansceuticals Nourishing Hair Wash, Dhs120. Rahua Elixir, Dhs697. Rahua Hairwax, Dhs200. Silk Holistic Pillowcase, Dhss337, all available at Lynn's Apothecary


Skincare routine morning & evening: “I double cleanse at night using Tata Harper Nourishing Oil Cleanser followed by Tata Harper Purifying Cleanser. I always finish my night routine with a face oil. I love MUN Brightening Youth Serum and Pai Rosehip oil when I need my skin to calm down.”

Skin emergencies: Pai’s AHA and Coapiba Mask or Susan Kaufmann Healing Earth Mask.

Miracle product: Resurfacing mask by Tata Harper. “It’s similar to a peel but all natural. It will give you an instant glow. You can also use it on pimples/blemishes overnight and they will almost disappear.”

From left: Tata Harper Nourishing Oil Cleanser, Dhs320. Pai Skincare Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil, Dhs145. Mun Brightening Youth Serum, Dhs122. Susanne Haufmann Healing Earth Mask, Dhs220, all available at Lynn's Apothecary

Lynn's Apothecary is located in Shehade Street Beirut, Lebanon +961 76 816207 or shop online at