12 Reasons Why The Foreo Luna Mini 2 Will Be Your Ultimate Skincare Saviour

BY Jessica Young / Oct 7 2018 / 21:25 PM

Because it's always hot and dusty in the desert

12 Reasons Why The Foreo Luna Mini 2 Will Be Your Ultimate Skincare Saviour

Intense sun, soaring temperatures, humidity, and sandstorms are pretty much a constant in the Middle East. But, before you book a quick trip to escape the elements threatening to wreak havoc on our skin, here are 12 reasons why the silicone facial cleansing brush Luna Mini 2 from Foreo—a cutting-edge Swedish beauty-tech company gaining international accolades—is just the ticket to rescue you from all your hot-weather skin woes, from acne to sunburns.

1. A deeper, more efficient cleanse
Swedish design, a silicone brush head, and silicone touch points means that the facial cleansing brush covers more skin surface area in a shorter amount of time than other leading facial brushes—and let’s face it, we can all use extra minutes in the morning. Bonus: the daily facial massage is a real treat.

2. Treating combination skin

Do you feel like your skin suffers from split personalities? It can be challenging to find a skincare routine that adequately tackles combination skin. Luckily, the Luna Mini 2 features eight adjustable intensities and both thick and thin touch-points to customize the cleanse on different parts of your face to minimize irritation and improve clarity and texture.


3. Hydration from the outside in
Sky-high temps means upping hydration from water consumption and skincare routines alike. Using the Luna Mini 2 preps the skin for better

absorption of moisturizers and other key beauty products that keeps you looking fresh and rejuvenated.

4. It’s an exfoliating machine, literally
Living in the desert, we get to experience the wonderful combination of both high humidity, dusty air, and blasting AC that’s basically a recipe for clogged pores and dry skin. Thus, daily exfoliating with a gentle yet effective facial cleansing brush has never been more crucial to stave off the breakouts that are more severe in the summer months.

5. It’s your new favourite travel buddy
Consistency in skin routine is paramount in achieving an amazing complexion, whether you’re at home or on vacation. As the travel season ramps up, there’s no need to skimp on your regular beauty regimen as the Luna Mini 2’s small, simple design fits in carryons, weekenders, and even your favourite bag.

6. A battery charge that seems to last a lifetime
Unlike other leading facial cleansing brushes, a single charge to the Luna Mini 2 provides a whopping five months of power. Talk about convenience and, yes, consistency in performance. The days of sadly standing in the shower with a dead device are done—and so are the excuses for skipping your skincare routine.

7.  It’s the germaphobe’s beauty device
There’s nothing cleansing about a dirty brush (cringe). Fortunately, the Foreo Luna Mini 2 is 35 times more hygienic than nylon bristles as the silicone is quick-drying and nonporous to prevent bacteria build-up from cosmetics and dry skin.

8. Suffer from allergies? This facial cleansing brush is for you
The Luna Mini 2 is safe to use for those who have to be extra careful with beauty products and dermatology treatments. It’s hypoallergenic and completely free of phthalates and BPA so there’s no risk of nasty chemicals leaching into your skin and causing harm.


9. It’s actually eco-friendly
Yes, environmentalists rejoice! The fact that the Luna Mini 2 is brush-free means it’s also trash-free. There are no replacement parts that end up in landfills after use. We can certainly get behind a beauty product that beautifies our planet as well.

10. It’s easy on your wallet
Not only does the Luna Mini 2 do its part for environmental sustainability but also for financial sustainability. Without having to shell out more money for replacement brushes, the Luna Mini 2 is a more kind-on-the-budget investment than other leading facial cleansing devices and you don't have to change it for a decade because of the quality guarantee.

11.  It looks chic on your shelf
Well, we are talking about beauty aren’t we? The Luna Mini 2’s minimalist design that comes in five colours means it’ll seamlessly blend into your décor and personal style. It looks just as good as it works.

12. The industry critics are fans
From winning ‘Best Electronic Product of 2018’ at the Travel Retail Awards to winning the Harper’s Bazaaar Beauty Best of the Best award in 2016, and a slew of accolades in between, the beauty experts agree the Luna Mini 2 is a cutting-edge skincare product worth investing in.

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