Everything You Need To Know About Nail-Dipping Powder

BY Kasia Truscott / Nov 9 2019 / 14:12 PM

Wave goodbye to gel nails with The Loft Fifth Avenue's game-changing new treatment

Everything You Need To Know About Nail-Dipping Powder
Jason Lloyd Evans

If your ongoing love affair with gel manis has left you with cracked, fragile nails, then you're certainly not alone. But fear not; we've found the perfect solution: nail-dipping powder. 

Sitting somewhere in between a regular mani and acrylic nails, nail-dipping powder is the latest trailblazing beauty treatment that leaves a polished finish as glossy as gel, as strong as acrylic, yet longer lasting than both.

The trend first reared its head back in 2017, and has since grown to become one of the most talked-about nail trends to date. And we can thank The Loft Fifth Avenue, Dubai for bringing it to our fair shores, introducing a new way to achieve the long-lasting manicure of your dreams - without having to compromise on the health of your nails.

The Loft Fifth Avenue, Dubai

The procedure is simple: technicians start by removing all existing polish before lightly buffing the nails to create a clean canvas for the powder to stick to. After cleaning and shaping the nail, a fine base layer is applied. Then, they will swiftly dip each finger in and out of a finely milled powder, before brushing off the excess for a second round of dipping. Once both hands are completed with two dippings, the activator is placed onto the nails and is left to dry for 30 seconds. They're then sealed with a fine top-coat that provides a flawless, glossy shine. 

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All in all, the process takes no more than 75 minutes, and for a manicure that can last up to three weeks, we think this might just be the miracle manicure we’ve been looking for.

Basic nail dip overlays are priced at Dhs200 from The Loft Fifth Avenue, Dubai. For more information, visit theloft5thavenue.com

From Harper's BAZAAR Arabia's November 2019 Issue