Sisley’s Super Solaire Stick Is The Best Beauty Product We’ve Bought In Years

BY Olivia Phillips / Sep 10 2019 / 17:30 PM

Big words, we realise, but we promise this is a complete game-changer for your beachside beauty bag

Sisley’s Super Solaire Stick Is The Best Beauty Product We’ve Bought In Years

I have various conflicting thoughts about the concept of wearing make-up to the beach. They tend to ricochet between ‘don’t be so ridiculous’ and ‘yeah but… selfies’. Enter Sisley’s Super Solaire Stick, the wonder product that straddles both suncare (of utmost importance, obviously) and make-up with its, frankly, wonderous formula. So wonderous, in fact, that I’ve found myself wondering if it could make the jump from beach-bag sundry to fully fledged daily essential. Not a bad idea, since my everyday SPF application that I always preach to other people has fallen somewhat by the wayside.

It’s creamy, not sticky or oily, goes on like a dream and seems to colour match the skin tone of all the friends I’ve also tried it on (whether they’ve wanted me to or not). It also has an SPF of 50 and covers every. Single. Blemish. Every last one. It’s the closest I’ve got to flawless on the beach… well, ever.

Now for the science bit, it also claims to prevent dark spots and stall loss of skin firmness, is water-resistant, moisturising and formulated specifically for the face, which I imagine means won’t clog pores and stress my skin out.

Knowing the second-to-none expertise that painstakingly goes into creating every Sisley product, I can also rest assured that it really is doing a lot of heavy lifting for me. It’s true love.

Sisley Super Solaire Stick, Dhs375.