We’ve Just Found The Perfect Summer Scent

BY Milli Midwood / Apr 18 2018 / 19:42 PM

We chat exclusively to Floraiku’s founder about their new release

We’ve Just Found The Perfect Summer Scent
We’ve Just Found The Perfect Summer Scent
Floraiku is available exclusively at Bloomingdale's Dubai

Floraiku, the fragrance brand that realises Japanese poems as perfumes, has launched their latest scent for summer, and we are obsessed.

A new addition to the Forbidden Incense collection, In the Rain boasts top notes of bergamot oil, cedar oil and woody musk. Like all the fragrances created by founders Clara and John Malloy, Floraïku ties perfume together with verse. ‘Green Water Lily, In The Rain, Opens Up To Spring’ are the lyrics that are elegancy engraved on the back of the new bottle.

“Poetry is one of the new things left in this world that’s free,” Clara Molloy, founder of Floraiku, tells Bazaar. “I see poetry as a gift and a moment of beauty, which is also what I want to share in my fragrances.”

Floraiku founder Clara Malloy speaks exclusively to Bazaar about their new launch, In the Rain

Malloy, who writes all the perfume’s corresponding poems herself, cites American Sylvia Path, South Korean Ko Un and Polish Wisława Szymborska as her favourite poets. “I’m interested in women’s voices. I would love a poet to wear my perfumes.”

Floraiku also wins bonus points for sustainability - the fragrance, which is presented in a bento box and decorated with silhouetted cherry blossom, includes a refillable bottle. The cap also transforms into a purse spray, so you can carry your scent on-the-go.

So when and where can you get your hands on this scentsational fragrance? In the Rain will hit shelves at the end of April and is sold exclusively at Bloomingdale’s Dubai. “I’ve been visiting Dubai for over 10 years and Bloomingdale’s is always our go-to department store. We are always impressed with what they do for the region and how they support local talent, so we feel very honoured to be stocked here,” says Malloy.

Floraiku In the Rain will be available to shop in the first week of May.

Consider our calendars marked!