This Dhs735 Smart Hairbrush Wants To Record The Sound Of You Brushing Your Hair

BY Jenna Rosenstein / Jan 5 2017 / 17:25 PM

Is the new Kérastase Hair Coach brush creepy or genius?

This Dhs735 Smart Hairbrush Wants To Record The Sound Of You Brushing Your Hair

There are some thing we definitely want "smart" versions of—like that cool refrigerator with a camera that senses when you're running low on milk. That's genius. But a new joint innovation from L'Oréal, Nokia-owned Withings, and Kérastase has us scratching our heads about just how far this "smart" technology trend should go. Do we really need a Dhs735 hairbrush decked-out with a microphone, gyroscope, accelerometer, conductivity sensors, and Bluetooth and Wi-fi connectivity? They certainly think so.

The hairbrush, otherwise known as the snappily-named Kérastase Hair Coach Powered By Withings, was unveiled today at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It works like this: a built-in microphone records the sound of you brushing your hair, and together with the bevy of sensors, collects data like frequency of strokes and brushing patterns. It then sends that information to an app where you can learn more about your hair type and health (it provides a daily hair breakage score), plus get product recommendations from Kérastase. If you're brushing too hard, the handle will vibrate letting you know to take it easy.

Image Via Withings

The Verge reports that the Hair Coach feels light in your hand despite having two AA batteries in the handle. The bristles themselves are made out of standard nylon and boar like any decent paddle brush. If you're totally sold, the Kérastase Hair Coach Powered By Withings will be available later this year in salons and online and will retail for around Dhs735. But in this age of information overload, do we really need to know the day-by-day breakdown of just how damaged our hair is? It's not like this information will suddenly make us more skilled at whipping our hair into braids or blowing it out at home. The brush also won't make it any easier to detangle snarls—but it will tell you that you have them, just in case you didn't already know. So while the technology might be a cool innovation, only time will tell if a Dhs735 hairbrush is just what the world has been missing. Until it's released, you can check out this video to see the Kérastase Hair Coach in action.

Via Harper's Bazaar US