Taylor Hill Reveals Her Top Beauty And Fitness Tips

BY Maria Popova / Dec 14 2017 / 19:51 PM

Between presenting Carolina Herrera 212 VIP campaign and exploring Dubai, the supermodel Taylor Hill set down with us to talk all things beauty and style

Taylor Hill Reveals Her Top Beauty And Fitness Tips

It's difficult to make your way through a mall without coming across the striking face of the youngest Victoria Secret Angel. At just 21 Taylor Hill has collaborated with dozens of brands, graced numerous magazine covers, and built a stellar career as a supermodel.

Between presenting Carolina Herrera 212 VIP campaign and exploring Dubai, the supermodel sat down with Bazaar to share her insider tips

Carolina Herrera 212 VIPTayor Hill for Carolina Herrera 212 VIP campaign. Photo Credits: Mario Testino

HB: How do you stay in shape while leading such a busy lifestyle?
TH: I think you have to really make it a part of your life. The way I take care of myself is a lifestyle. I try to exercise and make sure that I sleep, and drink a lot of water, and wash my face twice a day... all the little things you can do to ensure that you can maintain a crazy life.

HB: What about the workout? Do you have any tips for people who might not have that much time on their hands?
TH: If you have an hour, make time and really commit to that. The hardest part is getting there.

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HB: Do you manage to get a workout in every day?
TH: I work out three times a week. I think keeping it consistent is really good, so you make up your mind that you work out three times a week for an hour and it becomes a part of your life and your schedule. It becomes easier and easier.

HB: What about your skincare routine? Do you have any top skincare tips for traveling?
TH: My favourite is Energie de Vie from Lancôme. It smells amazing and it is super lightweight. Creams that are too heavy cause breakouts for me. I really like it because it has a day cream, toning water, a night mask, everything. I just stick to that because it’s easy.

HB: What about your favourite makeup product?
TH: Mascara, specifically grandiose from Lancôme.

HB: If you weren’t a model, what career would you pursue?
TH: See, that’s a tricky question because I was fourteen, so who knows what I could have done. I had no idea yet and I just started modeling, so that’s all I know. 

HB: What are your plans for your stay in Dubai?
TH: Later today I’m going to go on a plane and see the aerial view. And then I want to see the tallest building in the world, of course, that’s like super cool!

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HB: You’re working with Carolina Herrera at the moment – what do you love about the brand?
TH: It’s elegant, and it’s beautiful. Carolina Herrera was around for as long as I can remember getting into the fashion industry. It’s really for every woman, for every age. I started wearing it at 18 and now I am 21. I find more and more pieces to wear as I grow up and mature.

HB: What about Carolina Herrera 212 VIP scent? What do you like about it?
TH: It’s the scent I shot and that I'm the face of. I also have really great memories with this fragrance. I was smelling it the whole entire film and campaign shoot. Every time I smell it I remember the experience and it brings a lot of really good memories.