5 Minutes With: Dubai's Leading Eyebrow Expert

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / Aug 1 2017 / 22:01 PM

Michele Barclay, founder of Dubai-based salon Browz, has specialised in eyebrows for 15 years, notching up over 10,000 treatments. Here, Michele explains how to get the best results for Arab skin types

5 Minutes With: Dubai's Leading Eyebrow Expert

Harper’s Bazaar: Does Arab skin require a different approach?

Michele Barclay: Our techniques have been formulated and adapted to our clientele, which is mainly Arab women. My team and I have several years of experience working with local skin types, allowing us to really perfect the most suitable techniques.

HB: What do you keep in mind when treating Arab women?

MB: Biologically, Arab skin is thicker than Caucasian skin to accommodate the sun’s rays. It is important to limit sun exposure to make the results of microblading last longer. Humidity can also affect the results as it encourages sweating, which can push out the pigment.

HB: How do you determine shape?

MB: We always look to enhance the natural shape and we draw lines that follow the face’s bone structure.

HB: Why do Middle Eastern women benefit from microblading?

MB: Even though most Arab woman have a good amount of hair, there are always gaps that require filling to create a more balanced look.

HB: What colours work best with Middle Eastern skin types?

MB: We tend to use more ash tones than warm tones as the skin usually warms up the pigment over time.

HB: What are the pitfalls of not going to an experienced therapist?

MB: The skin needs time to heal, so that it is not overworked. We see many cases of overworked brows, with far too much saturation of old pigment. 

The Top Brow Shapes For Middle Eastern Women:

Top Left: The Ascending Brow: Longer front finished with a lifted tale. Bottom Left: The Fluffy Brow: Ultra-natural with graduated fluffy hair at the start of the bulb, intentionally unruly. Top Right: The Classic Brow: A flatter brow with an elongated tail. Bottom Right: The High Arch: Good for older clients, this opens up the eyes. 

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