BAZAAR Beauty: The Facials That Actually Work

BY Michaela Williams / Sep 26 2019 / 09:50 AM

Recover summer skin, with the help of our beauty team’s favourite experts

BAZAAR Beauty: The Facials That Actually Work

We’ve flicked through our little black book of the region’s best spas and salons to highlight the complexion gurus we can’t live without.

Sylwia Pilcher

For a complete skin overhaul.

Sylwia Pilcher at Simply Skin, 2nd December Street, 04 345 6080


Impressive before-and-afters show patients with pigment damage, chronic acne and deep-set wrinkles take a 180, with their documented results showing incredible and confidence-boosting changes after embarking on a treatment plan with Simply Skin’s Sylwia. A truly dedicated clinic in one of Dubai’s unassuming Jumeirah malls, you won’t miss mood lightening or sauna, as Sylwia diagnoses and treats your skin with complex actives from brands including DMK and Environ. The Polish national can also work wonders on skin needing a bit of a boost, with the DMK Enzyme Therapy Facial one of her favourites. The enzyme mask draws blood to the veins in your face – a pump you can feel happening – creating a temporary monstrously mottled effect that has earned it the nickname ‘the Game of Thrones facial’. The following days, your skin is smoother, clearer and glows with good health, making it perfect for pre-event prep.

Dr Lana Kashlan

For cleverly subtle injectables.

Dr Lana Kashlan, CosmeSurge Dubai Marina, 04 447 17777


While this dermatologist beautifully caters to the usual roll-call of complexion diagnoses and fixes, she’s best-known for her way with non-surgical enhancements. Popular with Dubai’s more personable it girls and jet-setting celebs, Dr Lana knows exactly how you can boost what nature gave you, with thoughtful positioning of Botox, fillers and other non-invasive goodies that will give you a lift, literally. Certified by the American Board of Dermatology, she’s knowledgeable about what will and won’t work for your facial structure – no danger of scarily inflated lips – and can advise on the best course of action for your desired look. Bright and modern, her CosmeSurge office in Dubai Marina is a welcoming space for your treatment of procedure, adding a chic feel to the clinic.

Rebecca Treston

For high-tech, age-defying lasers.

Dr Rebecca Treston at Rebeeca Treston Aesthtics EuroMed Clinic Center, 04 394 5422


One of the region’s best-known mainstays, Rebecca Treston is lauded for her thoughtful approach to anti-aging treatments. Clients book in for her signature aesthetics treatments, for gentle rejuvenation without having to go under the knife. While ultherapy, a collagen-increasing treatment that uses ultrasound imaging, helps sculpt skin, it’s her menu of laser and radio-frequency treatments that are the most talked-about. Try the Elōs treatment using a combination of bi-polar radio frequencies and optical energy to smooth skin and tighten wrinkles with a targeted technology. Or opt for the Evo laser, a strong two-step thermal rejuvenation process that can remove unwanted pigmentation caused by sun damage or hormones. With a menu including the Fotona 4D Facelift, IPL and LED light treatments, spectra laser, Revital radio frequency and more, there’s a hi-tech solution for your complexion concerns.

Desak Ayu Kusuma Dewi

For extra-luxe pampering.

The Spa, Al Bait Sharjah, 06 502 5555

When your skin needs a breather from tougher treatments, a luxury facial at an exclusive spa can keep your skin happy and healthy. The Spa at Al Bait Sharjah is a destination within itself, thanks to the spa’s high end facilities and zen spaces. Star facialist Desak Ayu Kusuma Dewi, from Indonesia, is an eight-year veteran of the industry, working her magic in spas in Bali, the Maldives and the UAE. The Spa’ signature is the Organic Gold Cellular Age-Restore Face Therapy, a dedicated facial that feels as luxurious as it sounds. This treatment is more nurturing than most, making it ideal for women aged over 30, and those with easily irritated or rosacea-prone complexions. Loaded with three different kinds of homeopathic gold, and hyaluronic and bostwellic acids, it increases cell hydration, reduces pigmentation and aids in the production of natural collagen – making it ideal for smoothing, soothing and protecting your skin.