Bazaar Gets The Lowdown On Achieving The Perfect Blonde

BY Gemma Deeks / Apr 2 2018 / 17:22 PM

Fashion & Beauty Editor Gemma Deeks refreshes her Blonde at Pastels Salon Ritz Carlton, and get's Senior Stylist Karl Warner's top tips

Bazaar Gets The Lowdown On Achieving The Perfect Blonde

To achieve your perfect blonde:

1. Be realistic and realise that perhaps it is a series of progressive steps to achieve the colour you desire. Map out your colour and how to achieve it with your stylist.

2. Olaplex is a necessity when going blonde. Personally I wouldn’t do either a high lift tint or a bleach without it.

3. Instead of just relying on one technique, make sure your stylist has a number of different techniques in his/her armoury as to achieve the best possible colour it takes a variety of techniques, which include highlights and balayage. Using a blend of techniques will ensure a more natural result and a brighter blond colour, rather than a block or striped colour.

Bazaar's Fashion & Beauty Editor with her natural blonde locks


1. To maintain blonde hair, ensure you use a colour protect shampoo, preferably Redken Blond Idol, every time you wash it.

2. To maintain a cool blonde, use a silver shampoo once a week to keep colour nice and fresh and to keep brassy tones at bay.

3. If you want to maintain a warmer blonde, then instead of silver shampoo use a gold shampoo such as Redken Golden Conditioner.

4. Use a deep conditioning masque once a week and hair oils are a must too, but you need to test the hair oil you have as some of them will turn hair yellow. The best test is the tissue test. Put some of the hair oil on a tissue. If it dries clear, then it is perfect for your hair, but if it dries yellow, do not use it on the hair.

5. Always use heat protection as straightening can make the hair adopt a yellow appearance.

Prices start from Dhs985 for colour and cut with Karl, Pastels Salon Ritz Carlton, +971 4 399 5016