BAZAAR Reviewed K7L, The Vegan Kuwaiti Make-up Brand Everyone Is Talking About

BY Sara AlHumiri / Oct 13 2019 / 10:35 AM

First Dior's Ultra Care Rouge lippies, now K7L's highlighters & bronzers. the BAZAAR team tries out the hottest beauty products for you

BAZAAR Reviewed K7L, The Vegan Kuwaiti Make-up Brand Everyone Is Talking About

Kuwaiti cosmetics brand, K7L is an authentic, homegrown Middle Eastern brand inspired by unique beauty of Arab women. Founded by beauty guru Areej Sultan Al Essa, K7L focuses on products that have been specifically designed to cater to the sharp, chiselled makeup look that is emblematic of Arabian beauty. From the traditional kohl eyeliner and plumped lips to the perfectly chiseled features expertly contoured by face products - Arabic makeup is widely regarded as a beauty aficionado's dream and K7L embraces this signature Arabian look with their high-quality vegan beauty products.

Middle Eastern, Arab-inspired, vegan beauty products? The BAZAAR team simply had to try them out. We started with K7L's best-selling bronzers and highlighters because really, who can live without either?

The K7L Bronzers come in three shades: St Tropez, Malibu and Zanzibar. They are described as matte and ultra-long-lasting - and can be used for contouring or al all-over sunkissed glow. It's blendable, packed with pigment and the shades are expertly matched to your skin tone. 

The K7L Highlighters are the light to the bronzer's shadow, and come in three shades that are designed to dreamily complement the brand's bronzers. The highlighters come in three shades, Light, Glow and Fire which are designed to match light, medium and deep skintones respectively. The highlighters are described as 'a dewy shine with a hint of sparkle'. And they really are true to their word: buildable, finely pigmented and blendable, these verstaile highlighters are made for everyday use. 

Kasia Truscott

Digital Intern

Name: Highlighter HL02 GLOW

Why you loved it: If there’s one makeup product I can’t live without, it’s highlighter. I put it pretty much everywhere when I’m going out - my cheekbones, nose, brow bone, collarbones...the list goes on and on! What I love about this product is that it’s true to its name - it provides a gorgeous, luminescent glow that is super glam yet subtle enough for everyday use. Its soft texture contributes to an all round fresh face, giving you a divine highlighter finish that leaves you looking radiant and feeling good.

Place to wear/what looks best: A great way to highlight your facial features, especially to brighten the eyes and enhance the cheekbones for to add a bit of glam to an everyday look. The product is powdered, so feel free to add as many layers on as you want to either up the drama or tone down the glow depending on the occasion. I find it looks super cute when applied on the nose - it captures the light really well, so it looks great in selfies!

Other beauty products you could’ve used with K7L: Because it’s powdered and pretty pigmented, I used a medium angled brush to blend it in. I loved using this product for a final finishing touch after applying blusher and a bronzer to really define features with a soft glow.

Cost: Dhs85

Sara AlHumiri

Digital Intern

Name: Bronzer BR01 St Tropez

 Why you loved it: My skin tone is personally very difficult to match bronzing products with but I loved the feel of this product. The bronzer itself was very soft, comfortable and indeed buildable, I just wish there were more shades to match to!

Places to wear/what looks best: I would wear this bronzer to events that need a glam full face of makeup. So likely nights out, or social events for which I know I'll need my makeup to stay put all night. When using this bronzer I recommend using a light hand, as the pigment definitely packs a color punch. 

Other beauty products you could've used with K7L: I used this bronzer above my usual Fenty Beauty foundation & concealer combination. Because it is a pigmented powder, any sort of liquid foundation with medium coverage should blend well with the K7L product.

Cost: Dhs85

Milli Midwood 

Digital Editor 

Name: Highlighter HL01 Light & Bronzer BR02 Malibu

Why you loved it: Both products are super pigmented, but also very buildable, so you can wear as much or as little as you desire. I particularly love that the packaging of the highlighter boasts a clear plastic cover, because as a busy gal on-the-go I want to really easily be able to see my make-up so that touch-ups can be done at lightning speed.

Places to wear/what looks best: These are the ultimate selfie products and lend themselves to a full face of glam. Pack on the layers for the ultimate photo-finish complexion. My favourite place to have that pop of highlighter is on the bridge and tip of my nose.

Other beauty products you could've used with K7L: Both products are powders, which can be quite drying on the skin, so I recommend a creamy base so you balance out the matte.

Cost: Dhs85