We Put Crystal Combing To The Test And This Is What We Thought

BY Delara Zand / Sep 13 2019 / 13:00 PM

Are crystal combs the latest luxe wellness trend?

We Put Crystal Combing To The Test And This Is What We Thought
Glow Bar

It’s the era of the crystal beauty product. No doubt your Instagram feed has been filled with visually appealing snaps of gemstone-infused products for quite some time now, with influencers, bloggers and celebs alike taking to social media to laud their many benefits. We've heard they have healing properties, the ability to cool, calm and detoxify the skin and, perhaps key to their in-vogue status, give off good vibes and positive energy. We all know the viral sensation that is the jade roller. We all watched the rise of Glossier's best-selling Haloscope highlighter. But what about the luxe beauty sphere’s latest obsession, crystal combs?

Glow Bar's Rose Quartz Face Roller

We headed down to London’s Glow Bar to find out more. An Instagram-friendly wellness hub and cafe, its pastel-pink furnishing, occasional neon sign and sizeable population of houseplants make it the stuff of millennial dreams. They stock two different 'high vibe' scalp massage combs: made from amethyst or rose quartz. Crystal combing isn't a new phenomenon; per Glow Bar, it has its roots in ancient Chinese health rituals, traditionally used to ease tension, reduce stress and stimulate hair growth. Each comb is naturally formed and therefore unique. 

Glow Bar's Rose Quartz Crystal Comb

As advised by Glow Bar's ever knowledgable staff, I kept a rose quartz comb by my bed and used it daily for three weeks. The rose quartz comb is said to inspire self-love upon use, as well as attract love from others, by activating the heart chakra. It’s also a well-known tradition to keep a lucky rose quartz on your bedside table.

A sometimes sceptic of spiritual beauty products, I’d like to say that I quite enjoyed the experience of crystal combing. I can attest to feeling calmer and more balanced after three weeks of use, but perhaps in part because I formed a morning ritual and benefitted from the placebo effect of a healing rose quartz by my bedside. My verdict on crystal combing: why not?

Glow Bar's crystal combs are available for 70 Mortimer Street, London W1W 7RY for the RRP of £50 (Dhs226). 

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