Blonde Ambition: 5 A-Listers Who Recently Went Platinum

BY Samantha Hamilton Rushforth / Mar 12 2017 / 22:43 PM

Need a makeover? It might be time to reach for the bleach

Blonde Ambition: 5 A-Listers Who Recently Went Platinum

As we officially move away from winter and head into spring, celebs everywhere are ditching their dark locks in favour of a platinum blonde makeover. Bazaar charts Hollywood's new wave of striking blonde bombshells...

The Bright Braids: Zoe Kravitz 

The YSL beauty muse and Mad Max star recently swapped her naturally black curls for a bright blonde wash, complete with shaved sides and a mix of cornrows and extensions. Rock 'n' roll glamour at its best that only someone with Zoe's style credentials could pull off with such aplomb. 

Zoe Kravitz

The Platinum Pixie: Katy Perry 

A natural blonde, the singer debuted her makeover in time for her most recent album launch, the singer captioned the picture 'New life, who dis?' and quickly preceeded to chop her hair into a Scarlett Johansson-esque bob after announcing she had split from Orlando Bloom. A #RevengeMakeover if we've ever seen one... 

Katy Perry

The Blonde Buzzcut: Kristen Stewart 

Nobody has pulled off a shaved head this well since Natalie Portman. When asked about why she chose to go for a blonde buzzcut Kristen explained "I'm doing a movie in a couple of weeks called Underwater and I play a mechanical engineer that's working on an oil rig on the bottom of the ocean floor, so for me it's practical." We could be tempted... 

Kristen Stewart

The Bold Bob: Cara Delevigne

Just in time for the spectacular Chanel A/W17 show, Cara revealed a striking platinum crop with plenty of attitude. Having dyed her hair blonde early on in her career, the model had kept her tresses more natural in recent years but was clearly in the mood for an attention-grabbing shake up - we don't blame her. 

Cara Delevigne

The Two-Tone Tresses: Olivia Wilde

Saying goodbye to her self-confessed 'Melania hair' in favour of a choppy lob last year, Olivia revealed a blonde balayage look days after the birth of her second child, Daisy which has us reminiscing about her California-blonde O.C days. 


Is Kim Kardashian next?

The reality TV mogul also seems to be missing her blonde phase, uploading a picture to her Instagram account with the caption 'blondie' and lamenting on Snapchat how she missed her 'Frozen-style' locks. 


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Fancy lightening up too? Catherine Hawkes, Artistic Director of Marquee salon in Dubai reveals how to go from brunette to blonde with minimal damage:

“When making big colour changes, it is so important to be realistic and understand the process of colouring your hair without majorly damaging it. There is not one single process in doing this as there are many levels of colour, for example black hair being at level 1, medium brown being level 4, medium blonde being level 7 and very light blonde being level 10. Your hair should never be lifted more than 3/4 levels above your current shade per sitting as to go blonde your hair needs to take a lot of bleach."

OlaplexIn order to maintain hair health Catherine recommends putting a treatment plan together, "There is a great product called Biolustre which is a deep reconstructive treatment that penetrates the hair shaft and really brings the hair back to as close to a virgin state as possible. Alongside treatments if you really want to keep hair looking fresh and vibrant you will also need to come to the salon every few weeks to have a toner applied."