Everything You Need To Know About Teeth Whitening

BY Milli Midwood / Dec 5 2018 / 17:45 PM

Ross from 'Friends' need not apply

Everything You Need To Know About Teeth Whitening
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The season's newest whitening solutions come by way of at-home kits, activated charcoal toothpaste and powerful strips, but Bazaar visited Park Avenue’s Dr. Victoria Sole to put one of the industry’s most popular procedures, Zoom whitening, to the test.

“Zoom! In-Chair whitening effectively removes stubborn stains using 25-percent Hydrogen Peroxide Light Activated Gel,” explains Dr. Sole. “This treatment will improve the whiteness of your teeth by at least two shades – not a Ross-from-Friends smile in sight!”

Harper’s Bazaar Arabia: How does the treatment work?
Dr. Victoria Sole: “We suggest a check-up, scaling and polishing prior to whitening, to remove any build-up.  Then, following isolation of your teeth, you can have up to four rounds of 15 minute whitening intervals. We reapply the gel every 15 minutes to whiten the teeth until the hour-long process is complete.”

HBA: Does it hurt?
DVS: Zoom whitening does cause a small amount of sensitivity during and after the procedure. The sensitivity during is caused by the heat generated by the light, and may feel like small electric shocks going through your teeth every now and then. The lower anterior teeth will be more sensitive as they are the smallest. Following the procedure, you may experience cold sensitivity, which is due to the removal of the staining opening tiny tubules in the enamel. Any discomfort can be combatted by rubbing sensitive toothpaste on your teeth, which also helps to block the tubules back up. You may also chose to take an anti-inflammatory before or after the procedure.  

HBA: How do you maintain the whiteness afterwards?
DVS: Once the process is complete, we advise you don’t eat or drink anything staining for up to four days. Depending on whether you drink a lot of tea, eat a lot of strong-coloured foods, or smoke, the whitening effect can last anywhere between six to 18 months. We suggest you don’t have in-chair whitening any more frequently than every six months. Make sure you’re using a whitening toothpaste and see your dentist for regular scales and cleans.

HBA: What is the biggest reason people have miscoloured teeth in this region?
DVS: I see a lot of patients in this region that drink a lot of coffee, smoke a lot of shisha and eat a lot of strong-coloured foods, like the turmeric you find in curries, which leads to discoloured teeth.

Four cycles of Zoom whitening cost Dhs3,150 at Park Avenue Dental Clinic, with an additional Dhs651 for a highly-advised scaling, clean and polished before the treatment.

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