Exclusive: Nail Expert Margaret Dabbs On Perfecting Your Pedicure

BY Maddison Glendinning / Oct 10 2016 / 20:32 PM

The world-renowned podiatrist visited Dubai recently and Bazaar caught up with her to talk all things tips and toes

Exclusive: Nail Expert Margaret Dabbs On Perfecting Your Pedicure
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Harper's Bazaar Arabia: Why is a regular pedicure so important to keep feet healthy?

Margaret Dabbs: Foot pain shows on the face, and all the beauty products in the world won’t help if your feet hurt.  Feet are very much like teeth, and any niggling pain that may appear periodically will come back with a vengeance if it is left. Unlike the face, which is subjective, feet that have been looked after properly, not only look visibly better, they also feel amazing and completely different too. We specialise in expert, professional/medical pedicures. A Medical Pedicure or Professional Pedicure is undertaken by one of our qualified foot experts, is for men and women, and can be undertaken monthly, or as little as twice a year, depending on the feet, and this should not be considered just for feet with “problems”.  Interestingly this treatment can transform and make a real difference to any feet.  It is a bit like a facial for the feet and the results are immediate and long lasting. 

HBA: What’s the one product every woman should own for perfect feet? And hands?

MD: The Margaret Dabbs Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion should be used daily to maintain the results of a pedicure and for feet that are problematic I have formulated the Foot Hygiene Cream – it has incredible powers and is brilliant for anyone who thinks that they have the worse feet in the world.

The Margaret Dabbs London Anti-ageing Hand serum is a must in our daily hand care routine. Formulated for its anti-ageing benefits this divine serum will drastically reduce the visible signs of ageing such as undesirable dark spots, leaving your hands silky smooth and replenished. Apply it every night in featherlike strokes.

HBA: What’s the number one mistake women make when it comes to their feet in particular and their care?

MD: The biggest mistake people make with their feet is to hide them away rather than dealing with improving them. Once people realise what they can do to change this, then there is no stopping them.  It is absolutely liberating to have feet that you can show off at any time.  There is also a massive misconception about how you use foot products - in which way and which order.  Commonly people think that they have to soak feet before they use a foot file for example and this is a big error as a foot file should be used on dry skin and follow it up with a Foot Lotion used daily.

HBA: What can you tell me about the new range of products you came out to launch in the region? Do you have a favourite?

MD: All of our products have been formulated by us to really work – they are all results driven products which are luxurious and beautifying to use and treat hands feet and nails. We are thrilled to have recently added Fabulous hands to our range of products as well as our brand new treatment enriched nail polish, a collection of 70 colours inspired by the names of English Flowers.

HBA: How did you come to use Emu Oil in your products?

MD: When first treating patients in my private consulting rooms in the Harley Street area of central London I was regularly being asked by my patients what I recommended for them to use on their feet.  It quickly became apparent to me that treatment remedies that were available for use from pharmacies were fairly unpleasant to use, and beauty products did not work on a treatment level. I therefore decided to source ingredients that I could use in my clinic and it was important to me that I sourced ingredients which were suitable for use by diabetics and high risk patients.  I searched for ingredients which would have anti-fungal and antibacterial qualities as well as being anti-inflammatory and moisturising, which is when, during my research I came across emu oil. I sourced this and mixed it in my consulting rooms using aqueous cream as a base and I was amazed as the results and positive effects on the skin of the feet that my patients reported and from here we launched Fabulous Hands and Feet by Margaret Dabbs London.

HBA: How would you describe your own personal hand and foot care regime?

MD: A lot of us have very busy lives with not a lot of time to add into our beauty home care routine. This is why our products and treatments are results driven. And I follow my three-step regime. I use my Professional Foot File once a week on dry skin and I use the Exfoliating Foot Scrub once a week and intermittently use MDL Hygiene Cream or Foot Lotion every night to keep my feet moisturised.

For my hands I always carry the MDL hand sanitiser that won’t dry my skin and MDL Hand cream and every night I do apply our best selling product The MDL Anti-aging hand serum and of course have the hand wash and hand lotion by my bathroom and kitchen sinks.

HBA: What are your thoughts on the beauty regimes of the women of the Middle East?

MD: Middle East women take care of themselves, they know what they want and they expect results from the products or treatments. They enjoy and expect expert led beauty treatments and products, and appreciate the wonderful results driven results, quality ingredients and sophisticated, aspirational packaging that has become a trademark of Margaret Dabbs London.

HBA: You already have a salon in Dubai and you’re now in Sisters Beauty Lounge – the reaction from the region must have been positive – any plans to further expand into other areas of the Middle East?

MD: The response in the Middle East have been amazing and the Margaret Dabbs Sole Lounge in Level Shoes, Dubai Mall is visited by customers from all over the region, each one of them requesting that we open in an area closer to them.  This includes Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain. We are thrilled to be able to offer our treatment protocols and products in quality surroundings, and with like-minded partners. Sisters Beauty Lounge in particular has been a great platform for us in the Middle East.

HBA: What can we expect to see from the brand in the coming months?

MD: The brand is currently going through a very exciting time. We are opening a new clinic outside of London in Harrogate Yorkshire in October 2016 and one at the Corinthia Hotel in central London in November 2016. In partnership with ESPA. We also have various hotel spa partnerships launching towards the end of 2016 in Qatar, and planned through the Middle East in 2017.