25 Times Fenty Beauty Highlighted Hijabi Make-Up Experts

BY Olivia Atembina / Jan 15 2020 / 10:03 AM

Wait 'til you see what these women can do with Stunna Lip Paint

25 Times Fenty Beauty Highlighted Hijabi Make-Up Experts

The industry's most inclusive and forward-thinking beauty brand, Fenty Beauty, has spotlighted the importance of under-represented women since day one. Rihanna did, after all, put the Fenty 40 trend in motion: AKA the number of foundation shades other brands have been striving for to meet Fenty's level of inclusivity. She casts models of all races and body types and regularly features the work of beauty experts from around the globe who've done Fenty proud with their next-level make-up looks.

Get to know the hijabi beauty experts Rihanna's beauty empire has brought attention to since its inception. You're welcome for all the make-up inspo, BTW.

1. @nabiilabee, Fashion Designer and Beauty Vlogger 

2. @ferra_rossa, Make-Up Artist

3. @beauty.by.aisha, Bridal Make-Up Artist

4. @saida.jahed, Beauty Blogger

5. @balqees_busakhar, Fashion and Beauty Blogger

6. @khattafya, YouTuber

7. @zahi.beauty, Beauty Blogger

8. @ilzbaby, YouTuber

9. @shahdbatal, Beauty Blogger

10. @lifelongpercussion, Influencer and Business Owner

11. @hanihanss, Beauty Influencer and Columnist

12. @norianathefacedesigner, Celebrity Make-Up Artist

13. @roua_almawally, Fashion Vlogger

14. @noura_almansorii, Make Up Artist & Blogger‎

15. @dalalid, Fashion & Beauty Blogger

16. @brinney_

17.@amarah_glam, Make Up Artist and Content Creator

18.@nassim_nasiri, Beauty blogger

19.@jasmineegal, Makeup Artist 

20. @___enimsay, Make Up Artist

21. @aishaliyana, YouTuber and Makeup Artist

22. @zenakhatibmakeup, Makeup Artist & Beauty Blogger

23. @afrozashawal, Beauty Blogger 

24. @shamhad_, Fashion and Beauty Blogger

25. @farisafrina, Fashion and Beauty Blogger

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