Hollywood Smile 101: How To Get Over Your Fear Of Veneers

BY Samantha Hamilton Rushforth / Oct 22 2017 / 21:59 PM

Terrified of 'piano key' teeth? You're not alone. Bazaar meets Dr Soraya El Masri of Sansaya Clinic in Dubai to get the real t(r)ooth about porcelain dentistry

Hollywood Smile 101: How To Get Over Your Fear Of Veneers

Anyone on a British reality TV show, Simon Cowell and Hillary Duff. 

These are three examples of veneers gone wrong Bazaar referenced to dentist Dr Soraya of Sansaya Clinic in Dubai when asked why it's taken us years to even consider getting cosmetic dentistry. “There’s not just one type of veneer,” she assured us, “the right shape, colour and composition of your teeth has the power to lift your face, plump your lips, slim your facial profile and much more.”

It's no secret that the pearly-white smiles many celebs flash on the red carpet are the work of expertly-placed porcelain caps but like any aesthetic-altering procedure, there are many questions to be asked before you commit. 

The Right Bite

"You need to discuss with your dentist exactly what you want from your veneers before you commit," says Dr Soraya. In terms of her clientele, many local Emirati patients want a more 'Jessica Simpson' symmetrical smile that's perfectly paper white, while other clients look for a more natural finish, leaving a few gaps here and there and shying away from a blindingly bright colour. Another step that needs to be considered on your first consultation is whether you experience regular jaw pain or cramps, grind your teeth or have a strong overbite. Many of these factors will determine the size and shape of the veneers you need and can also help your dentist determine whether a mouth guard, molar dentistry or any other procedure can also be recommended to help you achieve the perfect smile. 

Composite Vs Porcelain

Unlike crowns, porcelain veneers require much less enamel to be removed from the tooth, making the experience more comfortable and long-wearing. Bonded, rather than cemented to the surface, these ‘shells’ use the structure of the tooth to provide stability, resulting in a smile that’s difficult to chip, wear or break easily. Coupled with their ability to resist heavy staining, it’s an option that allows each patient years and years of perfect pearly whites.

Composite veneers offer a slightly less permanent alternative to porcelain, with many of the surface aesthetic benefits like repairing cracks and chips, covering a surface discoloration or closing obvious gaps. The procedure starts with a spray cleaning to remove any lingering stains on the top layer of the teeth. A resin is then applied to the front area of the teeth and sculpted into the desired shape, allowing the dentist to lengthen or widen the shape of your smile where necessary. The composite substance is then hardened using a light and polished around the edges, ensuring you leave with slippery soft and perfectly straight teeth.
In comparison to porcelain caps, composite veneers do stain easier and can chip if you have a habit of grinding your teeth or a strong bite, but, if recommended for you by your dentist, they can offer a slightly more natural finish, albeit with more aftercare.

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