The Micro Fringe Is Having A Moment - Here's How To Style One

BY Jenna Rosenstein / Jan 14 2018 / 18:42 PM

Aka 'baby bangs'

The Micro Fringe Is Having A Moment - Here's How To Style One

If the red carpet is any indication the first big hair trend on 2018 is the micro fringe. Celebrities like Emma Watson, Emma Roberts, Alison Sudol, and Sofia Boutella have all hit the scissors and debuted short, choppy 'baby bangs' for the new year.

The cut—with wispy or blunt strands hitting a couple of inches above the brows—is a little retro and very polarising: you either love or hate it. "I'm obsessed with baby/micro fringes," says celebrity hairstylist Christopher Naselli. "It's the perfect way to make your haircut modern and open up your face. It's an edgy statement but yet super soft."

At the Critics' Choice Awards, Naselli styled actress Alison Sudol's hair in a beachy, fuzzy texture to contrast the throwback feel of the bangs. Naselli says he always uses mousse at the base of the fringe to help them lay flat, as well as clipping them down while he styles the rest of the hair. A couple of sweeps with a straightener can also help control any rogue flyaways. Avoid air-drying to prevent frizz and cowlicks from forming.

Of course, you don't have to actually take the plunge and cut your hair to try the trend. Emma Roberts's hairstylist Nikki Lee used a hair piece to fake the cut at the Critic's Choice awards. Lee wrote, "Not a look we typically do but then again who wants to be typical?" 

Via Harper's Bazaar US