Plastic Surgeon Dr. David Matlock On The Most Expensive Facial, Tips For First Time Patients And Crazy Client Requests

BY Harper's BAZAAR Arabia / Mar 26 2019 / 15:39 PM

Renowned pioneer of intimate Female Cosmetic Surgery, Dr David Matlock, one of Hollywood's go-to plastic surgeons, tells BAZAAR why Beverly Hills Sunset Surgery Center International is focusing their attention on the Middle East

Plastic Surgeon Dr. David Matlock On The Most Expensive Facial, Tips For First Time Patients And Crazy Client Requests

Dr. David Matlock is a pioneer of intimate Female Cosmetic Surgery and throughout his career, he has spearheaded the way for procedures that are now used in over 70 countries around the world. He was also a key cast member on the hit E! Entertainment reality show Dr. 90210. A formidable expert to say the least!

In a discussion with BAZAAR, Dr. David Matlock tells us everything from how he knew he wanted to be a cosmetic surgeon, to the craziest request he's ever had from a client.

Dr David Matlock at the BAZAAR X BHSSCI: A Beauty Talk

Harper's BAZAAR Arabia: Where are you originally from?

Dr Matlock: I was born in Saint Louis, Missouri and grew up in both St. Louis and Los Angeles, California.

HBA: When did you realise you wanted to get into Cosmetic surgery?

Dr Matlock: My formal training is actually in obstetrics and gynaecology. Based upon patient request, I trained in liposuction in 1987 and thanks to my love of aesthetics, I have been performing it since 1987. I then started developing my own trademarked procedures. The results are 100%.


HBA: What does beauty look like, according to a plastic surgeon?

Dr Matlock: Ultimately, beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. Our job is to enhance the patient’s body according to their desires. We most certainly have an eye for aesthetic beauty but we have the honour and privilege to work on the human form.

HBA: Why have you chosen to open a new clinic in Dubai?

Dr Matlock: I had the pleasure of operating in Dubai and Riyadh from 2009-2014. I love the people and the culture. I have many wonderful friends in the region as well. My desire to bring the ultimate aesthetic surgery facility to the region became a reality when Meraas asked my team to collaborate on our BHSSCI venture.


HBA: What are the main procedures you offer at BHSSCI?

Dr Matlock: Our team of top-notch surgeons offers general plastic and reconstructive surgery, head and neck, facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, intimate female cosmetic surgery, cosmetic dentistry and cosmetic dermatology.

HBA: What’s the most expensive procedure a person can have?

Dr Matlock: The Mommy Makeover, which consists of several cosmetic surgical procedures.


HBA: If you’re considering plastic surgery for the first time, what would be your first tip?

Dr Matlock: Talk to friends who have had procedures as well. Review the doctor’s website and even ask to talk to some patients about their experience. See the doctor for a consult.


HBA: Tell us the craziest request you’ve ever had from a client?

Dr Matlock: Someone who wanted their waist so small that they wanted to remove a rib after doing liposuction. Obviously, I refused!

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