Lash Game Strong

BY Alexandra Venison / Jan 26 2017 / 13:37 PM

Here's a cult beauty product that's worth the investment

Lash Game Strong

Looking for thicker, longer, lustrous lashes without piling on layers of mascara or heading down the extension route? Then it’s time to invest in an eyelash serum and we’ve found the perfect one that promises and delivers show-stopping results - neuLASH. We may not be talking about the latest product on the market, but we are talking about one that has stood the test of time and every beauty aficionados assessments and trials.

Fortifying lashes and now brows and hair, neuLASH works as its nutrient rich formula strengthens eyelashes giving them a healthier appearance. Also improving your lashes flexibility and durability, although the product promises visible effects after 30 days you can see results earlier with proper use. Even our October cover star and the number one beauty influencer on Instagram (named by communications network SERMO) Huda Kattan swears by neuLASH.

Applying the liquid eyeliner like product to the base of your upper eyelashes every evening post make-up removal and cleansing, you can let it work its magic as you sleep. Following the 30 days and once you have reached your desired results, you can then move to using neuLASH every other evening. Containing provitamin B5, pumpkin seed extract, amino acids and hyaluronic acid among other active ingredients, the triple action formula truly delivers conditioning, strength, hydration, elasticity, length and most importantly increased volume. 

neuLASH 3.2ml, Dhs455, available at all branches of The Nail Spa and N.Style

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