Long Weekend Beauty: Say Goodbye To Cellulite

SensAsia, Cellulite, Wellbeing, Massage
Bazaar's Digital Editor Maddison Glendinning road tests the beauty treatment that promises to firm skin and fight dimples

Whether you're planning a quick little getaway (did someone say Seychelles?) or simply staying put for the upcoming long weekend, chances are, it will involve swimwear. If you've been working out and want a little extra helping hand, or you've had no time to hit the gym and need a quick-fix, SensAsia Urban Spa's Full Monty body treatment is the answer to your pert prayers.
Full warning, this treatment is not one for the faint-hearted. This is 90-minutes of hard-hitting (literally) exfoliation, massage, and wrapping to firm skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite on trouble spots such as the thighs, bottom and stomach. It's also cold, so I recommend asking for a heat pillow (or two, if you're me...) to balance out your body temperature. 
After being ushered into the massage suite, I lay face down on the bed (which is lightly heated - a feature I'll come to greatly appreciate in about 20 minutes) and Iluh, the lovely therapist, reiterates that I should tell her if I ever feel discomfort or pain from the massage. The combination of the warm bed and general spa atmosphere has taken away all of my cares so I tell her I'm ready.
A vigorous exfoliation begins the treatment and is followed by a series of thorough massage techniques that push and prod the skin to help stimulate blood flow and increase circulation (I now understand her pre-massage warning). One such technique was cupping, or tapotement. Iluh used her hands to hit the skin in a rhythmic motion repeatedly over the course of a minute or two. This helps to release lymphatic build-up, which is responsible for cellulite. Once that was finished, a rubberised algae mask was applied and my legs were wrapped for a few minutes as it went to work. As I mentioned earlier, the mask creates an intense cooling sensation that some (me) might find a little uncomfortable. Thankfully, Iluh was on hand to exfoliate and gently massage my back to help distract me. The wrap is then removed and a series of tightening serums and firming creams from Mio Skincare - a Kardashian favourite - are applied. This same process is repeated on the front of my thighs, as well as my stomach. 
I can feel an immediate difference when I stand up off the bed - there's less, err, movement on my thighs and the skin feels fantastically firm.
It's recommended to get a series of treatments in order to see full-potential results, but even after one, I'm impressed. I'd have happily stepped into some swimwear then and there and walked out like I was on a Victoria's Secret runway, and the feeling remains the morning after when the effects are still visible. 
It's far from a relaxing treatment, but if you're looking for a last-minute leg-up to feel good poolside, then this is it. Cellu-bye!
The Full Monty body treatment is available for Dhs699 for a limited time at SensAsia Urban Spa locations. For more information, see their website.


SensAsia, Cellulite, Wellbeing, Massage